Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thankful Thursday

My sisters often make fun of me (in a mostly loving way) for being emotional. I actually don't cry a lot but I definitely tear up when someone shares something happy or sad with me. That said, I am feeling a lot of emotions lately with work and our schedules and family etc. and found myself crying today. This is all vague but I guess what I'm getting at is that May can be a tricky month for me to begin with and then throw in the wildest of schedules and uncertainty with what the fall looks like and change and relationships, there's just a lot to juggle. So, here we go taking a deep breath and focusing on what I am grateful for amongst these big feelings...

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Kai made the U13 Surrey Scorpions ball hockey team for WCC in Edmonton this summer. This was hard-earned and we're very proud of him. He tried out last year but was not good enough and this year he came back with more height, speed and skills. Originally we were not going to try out because we are going to Europe this summer and this tournament happens right before. However, we are going to do both. We will be driving to and from Edmonton to save about $1000 on what the cost of flights and car rentals would be. Yes, there will be wear and tear on our van but it will be replaced in the next couple of years anyway. Then, two days later we fly to Europe!

2. Tuesday nights. I love playing on a ball hockey team! Life-giving for me.

3. All-you-can-eat sushi for Mother's Day. Yum.

4. Kai getting started with Invisalign. We're trying it instead of traditional braces. So far he says it's difficult to play the trumpet with it but he better learn how to play with them! This would be his "before" photo. His teeth aren't bad at all since he had an expander and a retainer already. Ahem.

5. Checking things off the "To Do" list. Koen's musical instrument done. Still up is Kai's egg drop and his final exam for Math 8. Oh, and Kai's Maker Market thing at school which we are not helping with at all so I'm trying to be cool with the fact that it could be very "interesting". Can't wait for school to be done!!

6. School Walk-A-Thon. We walked 10km in the rain to raise money for our sister schools in Honduras and Sierra Leone. Kind of fun to be a teacher and get paid to walk! That said, it was very cold. Kai ran his first 10km so that was kind of fun! I'm reallllllllllllllly hoping my foot is better next year so I can show my kiddos that I can run 10km too.

7. Mother's Day Cards. All I want are hand written cards with specific examples of what they appreciate about me. Yes, I have to say this or I'm disappointed. Kai's card was so wonderful but I don't think he'd want me to share it. Friends, kids do like boundaries. Also, Nya is so cute.

8. Watching Survivor with Koen. It sure is fun when your kids get older. Well, sort of fun. Koen talks a lot. Kai left us to go watch it in the basement with his friends--growing up!

9. New books! I realized once I opened the middle one that I read it already and I don't really re-read books (or re-watch shows, I'm strange!). Liked the top one and now into the bottom one.

10. Each kid having their own room. Nya and Koen actually play very well together (bet my younger self never would've believed that!) but each kid really needs their own space. It was great that the boys could share when they were younger but now that we are done fostering (perhaps forever but never say never) it's nice that they don't have to.

I do promise to get back to regular blogging in the summer when we have fun adventures to Vancouver Island, Edmonton (yahoo, Jasper!) and EUROPE!!!  If you do continue to check back each week, I so appreciate you. Thank you!!


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