Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Hello, friends! I do want to say a big "thank you" for checking out this space. I know it's not all that exciting anymore (yup, really pumping it up!) but it's our life and I'm thankful to have it documented. I have had some insightful pieces over the years and I'm grateful for this space and all those that have been a part of it. So, what am I thankful for today?

This week I am thankful for:

1. Koen getting cooking lessons from Gary. They cook and bake together several times a week. My kids will be taking a Foods Class in highschool but I think it's our job to teach them, too. Gary is much better with him than I am; watching him with our sharp knives makes me feel sick. Koen is very eager and loves being a sous chef.

2. Good books. This one was for our book club and got thumbs up all around. It's funny and informative and important. I recommend it for sure.

3. My foot feeling better. Just this week I started walking around pain-free. This is so exciting! My hope is to keep up with all my stretching and orthotics and night splint and hopefully be free of plantar fasciitis forever! I ran 5km no problem this weekend--yahoo!

4. Nya being willing to try hockey. It's a free program in Surrey and although she was not excited she tried it. Thankfully there were three other young girls there--two of whom she already knew! She did not love it but I was proud of her for trying. PS It took a lot of work for her not to wear a tutu to hockey. This outfit is her "athletic wear".

5. A fun day at Lower Falls. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and the kids were relatively complaint-free. Win win. We love this hike/walk!

It made me think back on when we did our overnight backpacking trip there! 

6. Secondhand clothes. Every piece of clothing seen here is secondhand except for my scrunchie. I'm considering not buying anything new for a year other than socks, underwear and shoes. Could you do it?

7. Hockey for my boys. I love it!!! They are both pretty decent so it's fun to watch. Kai was not going to try out for westerns because they take place in Edmonton right before our Europe trip. However, he likely wouldn't make it next year but could this year (it's under 13's so he's one of the oldest) therefore I think we're going for it. It would be a great opportunity for him to represent Surrey in Edmonton. First he has to make it though!

8. Simple pleasures like the smell of baked bread. I usually try not to eat a lot of carbs but I'm so in love with fresh white bread and my Kai Bear loves it too!

9. Nya's health. She stayed home from school on Tuesday to rest as she has a cold. I think we are past the days of it morphing into bronchitis and/or pnemonia. Kai stayed with her in the morning as he had ortho and a math test in the afternoon and would've missed school anyway. Don't love asking him to stay home but it's a lot easier than me getting a sub for the morning. This photo is from Surrey's Academy of Innovative Learning where he writes his math tests.

10. Big families. My kids have oodles of cousins on both sides and I'm grateful for that. These are the kids on my side of the family over Easter.

What is something YOU are thankful for today?


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