Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Anyone else feeling the post Christmas slump? Maybe it was all the extra calories or the reality of being 24/7 with the kids or just all the extra work involved with decorating, parties (peopley exhaustion!) and presents but I'm feeling it. As today is the last Thursday of the year, I thought I would look back at some highlights for 2018. In no particular order, and probably missing some, here are some 2018 highlights!

1. Going to Sedona.
We went to Arizona and drove to the Grand Canyon. I didn't realize that we would enjoy Sedona so much along the way. It was the perfect Chapman adventure as the kids love rock climbing/scrambling.

2. Celebrating my 40th in Whistler
It was nice to get away with my sisters and just relax, shop, go up to the Suspension Bridge and do a hike or two. Forty has been great so far except for the plantar fasciitis.

It had been my dream for years to do it and I'm so glad the kids were old enough for a solid bike ride. Very beautiful.

4. Holding Joey's (also part of our Kelowna trip).
I don't know that this should be in my top 10 of the year but we couldn't stop smiling as we held them; they are so adorable!

5. Camping at Rolley Lake.
We went with my sisters and it was fun to just be in the great outdoors close to home. That said we had a lot of forest fires so the air quality was not fantastic and limited our time there.

6. Going back to work!
It's a strange feeling to head out with the family each day and then spend the whole day in a classroom again. I have wonderful classes (Science 8 and Biology 12) but look forward to next semester where I'm just 50%. I still know what I'm doing, people! I've adapted well now to all the changes that have taken place in the classroom over the past 10 years; education has changed for the better and I really appreciate the way my kids are learning.

7. Getting a hot tub. 
It was fun to finish our yard (retaining wall with new sod, gravel with cement pad for hot tub etc). It gets used several times a week and I just have to not think about the extra $1 day for our hydro bill.

8. Booking a trip to Holland
We will be going to Holland for several weeks this summer and then also adventuring into Germany, Belgium and France. I get nervous booking trips to places I have never been as you are relying on the advice of others. It's not on the list of places that our kids want to visit so I hope that the stroopwaffles and croquettes make it awesome for them ;) The reason I am working is so that we can do fun things like this so I hope it is a great family memory!

9. Two more seasons of ball hockey!
It's been a great way to stay active and get out of the house once a week. I really need to focus on incorporating more exercise into 2019 as it's tricky in the seasons outside of summer.

10. Another year of health for our crew. We have had such minor health issues this year (anemia for Nya, Kai's sprained ankle, my plantar fasciitis) and I am so grateful for that. Koen started on ADHD meds and it was life-changing for us. Our baby girl was able to return home to her mama which is also another piece of evidence of good health.

2018 was not a big year for us in regards to changes other than going back to work for me. I look forward to the adventures we have planned in 2019! Praying for continued health for those we love as well.

What was a highlight for you this year?


PS My goal for 2018 was to wear lipstick more often and I fully succeeded in that! Now to figure out 2019's....


  1. A highlight from 2018 for me was when we tacked on a side trip to Victoria on our spring visit to Vancouver. The tulips were at their peak and the weather a nice change from back home. This year we are also going to Holland and Belgium on a river cruise!! It is mid-April for 2 weeks and will be to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. I obviously must have a thing for tulips, as a visit to the famous Keukenhof Gardens should be another highlight for me!

    1. Your river cruise sounds so beautiful! I can't wait to see your photos of it. I'm a fan of tulips as well.