Thursday, August 23, 2018

Rolley Lake Camping Trip

We had one last trip planned this summer: Rolley Lake Provincial Campground. Unfortunately due to the wildfires in B.C. the air quality was the worst we have ever experienced and it was advised to avoid strenuous activities and stay indoors. We visited the Stave Falls Powerhouse for an indoor activity but the rest was all outdoors. We decided to end our trip early and packed in as much of the camping experience as we could into those 24 hours.

I love that Rolley Lake is just 45 minutes from our home. We were camping with one of my sisters and her two kids and then two other sisters came with their total of seven children as well!

 The kids loved riding bikes and building a fort...with traps of course.

My boys are finally at the age where I can just let them bike around and not worry–freedom!

We did the quick 15 minute walk to Rolley Falls. Although it's a short walk we were short of breathe due to the current conditions. If you're going to do any hike around here, this is a pretty one!

The campsites are large and private and there's always a great spot to put a hammock or two. 

This was the first year that Kai slept in his own tent; he loved having one all to himself! Being 12 has it's advantages.

I loved having our sites close together so the kids could just roam back and forth. Everyone was totally safe except for a "few" mosquito bites and two bee stings (not for my kids).

The walk to the swimming area of the lake takes about 20 minutes so we did a combo of biking and driving. The beach is great and the water was warm enough for me to go in. It was a great way to cool off before bed.
Koen GoPro-ing being thrown into the lake
Nya has turned into a fish this summer!
You know it's hot when I actually go swimming!
We finished off the night with s'mores which is probably the highlight for Nya. 

Also, a reminder to myself that Nya lost her first tooth on this trip on July 20th.

One thing I love about camping is seeing the sunlight filter through the trees. Normally it's alongside the cool fresh air but this time it was not the case–smoky humid air.

We went back to the beach the next morning to enjoy some more water time before it got too hot. We had bought an inflatable paddle board last year and it has definitely been well used over the past year!

You might think that 24 hours it not worth it for all the time it takes to pack and set up and take down but I'm glad we were able to squeeze in one day to get some camping in this summer.

You ready for the end of summer yet? I'm not!


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