Sunday, January 28, 2018

Four Sites to Follow if You Have a Toddler

Being a biological mom to three and a foster mom to five we have gone through this toddler stage a time or two (or eight). There are many great resources if you are looking for snack ideas or simple activities and here are some of my favourites to follow if you have young kids:

If you are looking for ideas for healthy snacks, educational yet fun activities or just a good laugh, here are some great resources.

1. Busy Toddler on Instagram: Susie provides great ways to work on gross and fine motor skills AND keep the kids busy. I also appreciate that she utilizes objects that are around the house such as paper in the recycling bin!

2. Mama. Papa. Bubba: Jen focusses on healthy foods, creative play and has a gorgeous playroom that is quite inspirational (and not in the "I could never have one like that" kind of way). I like following on Instagram  and Facebook.

3. The OT Toolbox:  Over the past few years my eyes have been opened to the amazing world of pediatric occupational therapists! They provide hands-on skills to help kids develop a wide variety of skills for independence and social-emotional growth. This Facebook page has a lot of food for thought and simple activities into your daily life.

4. Hedge Humor: We all need a laugh along the way.

Image from Hedge Humor

Do you have a favourite parenting website or Facebook page or Instagram feed that you follow?


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  1. I will have to look at these! Thanks, Louise!