Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Hey friends! I was nervous about this week being transitional and rightfully so! With baby (and her appointments and visits), my three other kids' schedules (school, hockey, swimming and basketball) and Gary teaching and coaching two basketball teams, there's a whole lot of communication needed for who is driving where and when – not a lot of room for last minute changes! Throw in an extra 1-year-old three days a week and my down time is now pretty much gone. This is all good stuff, just busy. So, what am I thankful for today?

1. The boys going skiing! It was a goal of ours this winter to get the on the slopes. It was a bit trickier than we had hoped logistically so Gary was able to take them while I stayed behind with the girls. We got them a lesson at Mount Seymour and Kai can't wait to go back again! My gear is from 1994 so likely I would need to buy new stuff but Gary's snowboard is still good so maybe he will go up with Kai a few times. Nya would like a lesson too but I might wait on that until next year.

2. My friend Melissa writing TWO guests posts. I love hearing perspectives and experience from other people. You can get her insight on parenting teenagers here and then next up will be a post on being a working parent.

3. Pinterest! Do you follow me? I'm right here. In the past I have used Pinterest to find recipes but not to promote my writing. If I write on the blog, people maybe have a chance to come across it by searching google for a topic or they might see it on my Facebook feed BUT instead of writing new content three times a week I can let old content be seen by more people via Pinterest – working smarter not harder ;) For some insight of my social media traffic, it used to be 85% from Facebook (with Pinterest at 5% followed by Twitter and Instagram). I've worked hard on it for the past month and now Pinterest is the top social referral!

There are just some chores I am not willing to let go of and the laundry is one of them! Why?

4. Warmer weather. We are now consistently above zero. Yeehaw! I will gladly admit that I am a wimp when it comes to colder weather (and yes, I realize in the Lower Mainland it's never really that cold).

5. A wedding ring for Gary! He never wore his because it felt uncomfortable and to be honest, I do worry about it getting caught in basketball, so we are trying out Enso Rings (not sponsored). So far, he doesn't even notice that it's there. Such a win!

6. Koen's birthday party being done. Now we can relax until May when Nya has hers. Koen had a sports party and had a wonderful time with all of his energetic friends.

7. Bento box lunch packing. A post is coming up on this because I love it. 

8. Gary buying a drone. He doesn't spend a lot of money unless it's hiking gear or fancy cheese so I knew he really wanted this when he pressed the purchase button! He's still figuring out how it works in his limited spare time.

9. Sweet Georgia Brown. From Purdy's. Dark chocolate with salted pecans are my fave. I got them for Christmas from Gary and just remembered I hid them on myself!

10. Healthy kids! I'm a bit, uh, avoidant of germs so I'm glad the kids managed to stay pretty healthy the past few weeks! Nya had three colds November through to December (which is common in her world) but overall we're doing very well especially when there is so much going on. Maybe I shouldn't say that...

11. 8 PM. Seriously. My days are quite exhausting right now being non stop from 7 AM to 8 PM (I know this is not ideal and it is just a short stage of about 2-3 months). All of our kids are in bed by 8 PM and that is when we get ready for the next day. By 9 PM we can watch a show together and talk about what the next day looks like. We discuss which vehicle to take (and therefore which carseats need to be switched–on days I do daycare we have two rear-facing and then Nya is in a 5-point harness still) and timelines and dinner plans. I am very much looking forward to March because all the extra sports will be done for a month or two which means Gary can bring the kids home from school sometimes. By April we'll be back to our four kids each day which is "easy".

{This is a Yogibo Pod which was recommended by our OT and the most comfortable bean bag chair in the world but it's also a whole lot of $$. We all LOVE sitting or laying on it and the kids use it as a crash pad too.}

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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  1. I LOVE your new header! I hide treats from myself too :)