Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Our bento boxes. Were they worth the investment? Yes. I seriously enjoy making lunches now. You can read more about it here.

2. Our sweet little baby. I have some very adorable pictures of her with Gary that I wish I could share. We all fell in love immediately with this little doll and she has done great attaching to us as well. The only hard part about having a baby again is we are slightly restricted in our activities as we have to work around naps and I don't get a solid sleep as she's usually up once. Other than that, it's really business as usual around here.

3. Cuddles. These two love it and need it. When I was feeling cuddled out, they went for each other.

4. Peaky Blinders! This show was recommended to me and it took quite a few episodes to get into it but I'm really enjoying it. It's set in 1919 in England and follows a gang so there is violence. I love the lighting in the shots and give it a 7.5/10. We're just in season 2 right now.

5. So many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. When you're up early or need a pick-me-up around 5 PM, boom, beauty. Love it.

6. Yogibo. I should really look to do a sponsored post for this company because their product is amazing. This bean bag chair was recommended for calming and as a crash pad by our occupational therapist. It. Is. So. Comfortable. They are very expensive but I would say that it's worth it. If you are in the need for something like this, you could always go to the store and try them out first. This is one of the smaller ones called the Yogibo Pod.

7. Video baby monitor. How did we even do it in the "olden days" when my kids were little. Ha! Love being able to see what baby is up to and when I have two babies sleeping I can switch between monitors.

8. Time and energy to bake! Tuesdays are my favourite because I don't have to drive anywhere and have just the two girls (Nya and baby). I can get so much done! Really enjoying the Yum and Yummer cookbook. 

9. A walk with my boys and baby. Gary was gone Friday until Saturday so I had the four on my own. Nya went to a playdate so I took the other three to Campbell Valley Park for a walk. It's always beautiful there. I used this opportunity to test out the iPhone 7+ in comparison to my DSLR. I shared my findings here.

10. Portable cribs. Okay, so children in care are no longer allowed to go in playpens (due to the risk of them collapsing and the child being injured/killed). This means if you go on a trip, you need to take a portable crib. Although I was reluctant to get one and it will take up the entire back of our van (therefore not sure where our luggage will go?!) they are pretty cool. Why didn't I just buy this for my own kids instead of a regular size crib? Love that it folds up for storage so easily and doesn't take up a whole room! We are planning a little local-ish getaway so fingers crossed all goes well (no major snowstorm, no sudden visits for baby, no one gets sick etc).

I'd love to hear what you are thankful for today!



  1. That Yogibo pod looks SUPER comfy! Totally not in our budget, but I would love one of those. Maybe you can do a sponsored post and get one to give away! :D

    This week: thankful for all the skies...sunrises, sunsets and stormy clouds.

    1. I think I will connect with them! Ah, stormy clouds too 👍

  2. Tell me what you love from Yum and Yummer!! I just got a copy from the library.

    1. Kids loved the Carrot Cake Pancakes and we all enjoyed the BLT Chicken Pasta Salad