Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday

What a week!  We came home from a gorgeous road trip on Tuesday and I will post about it soon, but for now, here are a few things that I am thankful for this week:

1.  My friend Leah watching our Little One while we were gone.  It was ideal to have someone in our home, without other kids, who was a stickler for routine like me (stickler is good, Leah!).  She is the best!  I wasn't nervous leaving our LO for the first time and was able to text back and forth to make sure all was well.

2.  Safe travels.  When you go 2300 km's on roads with a whole lot of wildlife, anything can happen. The worst thing that happened is that we had to replace two tires (at Costco in Prince George--yay for warranties!) which was the easiest problem to have.

3. Kids that travel well.  Most of our days averaged around 4 hours of driving and they did so well. Koen discovered a love for reading chapter books (and didn't get car sick!) so that was so awesome as he's generally our pest.

4. Good weather.  It rained for 24 hours for us but it worked that we were able to explore before and afterwards getting everything in that we wanted to.  I'm so glad as it was probably during two of the most beautiful stops: Jasper and Wells Gray Provincial Park.

5. Friends opening up their homes.  Three of our nights were spent in the homes of friends and they were wonderful hosts.  My boys loved all the exploring in Ali and Joel's yard with the fort and rocks and potions and whatever else they were doing.  Love you, Ali!

6.  A great last night in Kamloops.  After dinner we were just going to head to the hotel room but decided to check out Riverside Park.  It was the perfect way to end our trip as they had music playing in the park and it warmed up and there was a gorgeous sunset.  

7. The desire to go on MORE road trips!  What will be next? Across Canada? Alaska? Kootenays? California? Who knows!  So much to explore.

8. Kids that can hike.  We tried to make all the hikes easier ones to keep it fun.  There was just one day where we packed quite a few in and I ended up carrying Nya on the final hike (Gary has an injured knee and I don't mind carrying Nya in the Ergo).

9. Gold panning.  The boys had so much built up anticipation for it thinking they were going to strike it rich.  I thought they would be upset coming home with $8 worth of gold but that was a highlight for them!

10.  Technology.  After a long day of hiking in Jasper the rain came and didn't let up.  The kids watched Toy Story 3 in our cabin. We do have DVD players in our van and they watched about an hour a day while we were driving. 

Such a great week with our family of five and looking forward to many more adventures.  What are you thankful for today?


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