Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Practicing gratitude...
This week I am thankful for:

1.  Day trip to Othello Tunnels and Manning Park.  If you haven't been, and live in the Lower Mainland, it's worth the drive to check out the tunnels!

2. A nice walk through the alpine meadow at Manning Park.  Unfortunately it was overcast which is not ideal when you take the drive up to the look out.  C'est la vie!

3. Two new pairs of running shorts.  I went wild.  Hoping this encourages me to stay active. Happy birthday, self!  By the way, this is the long version of these shorts–isn't that crazy?

4. Another year of life.  Happy 38th to me!

5. Trampoline fun.  This past week was hot so they had the sprinkler out there a few times which was fun, too!

6.  Cool opportunities.  Okay so you know how I sometimes get to review great products?  Fingers crossed because "things" are in the works with a company that would be ideal for our adventurous outdoorsy family :)  I'll keep you posted!

7.  A week-long family vacation for the original five Chapmans!  It was quite tricky to work it out as we had to change visit days/routines for three weeks to make the timeline work but hopefully it is all worth it. 

8. Netflix.  Being part of the #StreamTeam means we get some goodies sometimes and this time it included a slushy maker that the kids loved!  Talking about Netflix, I'm currently watching: Stranger Things, Broadchurch, The Good Wife, and Gilmore Girls.  Working through theses series sooooo slowly due to life.

9. BC Lions Game.  We got to go with our big boys and Nya and LO were babysit back at home!  It's the same friend that's watching LO while we're away so it was a good practice round.  Kai was so, so happy.  He's usually just neutral but he was loooooving it.  I watched him more than the game.

10. Helpful big brother. Ten-year-olds are usually pretty awesome.

All right, that's my list for the week!  What are you thankful for today?


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  1. We just started the Good Wife! We're only a few episodes in but really like it so far. I can not believe how short shorts are!!

    1. Gary isn't watching it with me so I'm moving through the series slowly! Yes, I can't believe shorts these days either (ha, I sound so old!)

  2. Those lulu shorts look so comfy! Which ones are they? I always run in lulu shorts but the ones I currently have 3 pairs of I just don't like as much anymore :(

    1. They are called Hotty Hot Shorts (long version) ;)