Monday, August 08, 2016

Lakes & Trails Circle Route (B.C. Road Trip)

We had an awesome Northern BC road trip in the works but we had to alter our plans due to our foster child's current situation so enter Plan B:  Lake & Trails Circle Route from Destination B.C.

We will be gone for six nights and these are our stops:
Day 1: Williams Lake
Day 2: Quesnel 
Day 3: Barkerville/Prince George
Day 4: McBride
Day 5: Valemount (Mount Robson)
Day 6: Kamloops
Day 7: Home (Surrey)

{Screenshot from Destination B.C.. Our days are a bit different than indicated.}

We will be staying with three different friends, two hotels and one cabin.  Our days on the road range from 1.5 to 6.5 hours.  Our plan is to find a great hike each day and to spend a full day in Barkerville–can you believe I've lived in B.C. my whole life and have never been there?  Koen's plan is to strike it rich gold panning...and then by a Happy Meal with his big win.

If you have a good family-friendly hike to recommend in any of these locations, please let me know!  Oh, and good food. We like food.


  1. I spend a lot of time in Quesnel for work. In terms of food, I would recommend "Bliss", it is an Indian/American hybrid fast/casual restaurant on the West side of town. It's affordable and delicious. Quesnel is a small mill town and doesn't have the "hiking" options that may be available in the lower mainland. However, many of my clients enjoy spending the day at one the neighboring lakes (especially Ten Mile Lake). There is also a new outdoor water park at the rec center, and a surprisingly charming river walk. I don't know if you are planning on staying at a hotel in Quesnel, but I would recommend the "Billy Barker." Rooms are affordable (they meet Legal Aid rates) and the building is structured to look like an old river boat. a

    1. Is it the Riverfront Trail that you're referring to as the "charming river walk"? It sounds like a great way to see Quesnel! Thanks for the food recommendation too, Danielle! I just checked it out and love that they have pizza on Naan bread!

    2. Yes. The Riverfront trail runs a loop that is a clean 5k if you want to go around the "downtown area." You can also just walk up, down, and over the Fraser River (there is a foot bridge that is 100 years old).

    3. Perfect! Thank you :)

  2. I will never forget the yelps of sheer joy from Tye when he was panning outside Bakersfield on our last prospecting trip up north. He legitimately thought it was gold (that's how good we were at prospecting!). Enjoy!

  3. Raven Lake hike :)