Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Practicing gratitude is an important ingredient to happiness and contentment!  Every Thursday I reflect on ten things that I am grateful for.  This week I am thankful for:

1.  New running shoes.  I've been wearing Brooks for the past five years and they are usually quite pricey.  Quality running shoes are important to me because I wear orthotics.  I found these Brooks Ghost 8's on clearance at our local MEC and because I was picking up my MEC Race Series package, I got an additional 10% off for a grand total of $115.00 (with the tax).

2. A husband who loves to cook.  I appreciate it so much and am thankful the he actually enjoys taking over in the kitchen during the summers.  Homemade naan bread on the BBQ? Yes please!  Last night he picked some blackberries from our yard and made blackberry chia seed jam which we ate with cheese and crackers.

3.  Kai Bear going to camp.  Kai is away at camp all week and last year my stomach was in knots about it the whole time.  This time is so much easier and I feel confident that he'll be okay.  I'm also loving that there are fewer relationships to navigate at home (aka less fighting!).

4.   Ninja Princess Nya.  Although she often requires more encouragement for physical activities than the boys needed, she works quite hard to keep up with them.  She often refers to herself as Ninja Princess Nya which I think is the perfect combination.

5. Our Koey.  He loves to push himself with his Ninja moves and has some pretty great gross motor skills.  I played hockey against Koen and his defensive game was really good.

6.  My dad.  He's off again on another adventure–this time it's flying around Alaska.  I'm looking forward to hearing about the sights he's seen.

7.  Koen saying "We have a big yard". I often feel bad that our kids don't have a large yard to play in because I grew up on an acreage and loved it. Because of the large trampoline Koen actually said that our yard is big which made me smile :)  Better than nothing, buddy!  Still loving the trampoline.

8. Having a strong husband.  Gary will be 41 years old in a couple weeks and can still hike just as well as he ever did.  He is able to carry the majority of our gear and never complains–he's just a really strong guy!  I hope that our health continues so that we can enjoy hiking well into our retirement.

9.  Eleven years of marriage.  I don't know if we're through the hardest part or if there are more valleys to come but I am glad that we've worked through some difficult seasons and still choose to be with one another over anyone else. Go team.

10.  Adventures–past and future.  If I look at my backpack I see 15 years of exploring; it has been up Mount Baker, Mt. Kilimajaro, on the West Coast Trail (several times), the Cape Scott Trail, Stein Valley, Powell River chain, Manning Park and more.  We have experienced so much and are looking forward to seeing more...although maybe with some of those fancier more ergonomic packs out there now.

There are my thankful items for the week, what would be one of yours?


PS I forgot about Pokemon GO! The kids are loving it and are walking without complaint.  I still don't really get how to catch them all (I couldn't get this guy) but it's fun.


  1. I guess you get your adventurous spirit from your father! I think you must be strong too, and in good shape, to be able to hike like you did with that backpack on - I'd be lucky to make it to the end of my street. I am thankful for air-conditioning - I hate to be hunkered down inside in the summer, but the crazy heat we are having here in Ontario is almost unbearable for me. I have to go for a short walk early in the morning. (My husband doesn't mind the heat at all - he is going to be golfing after work today!)

    1. I do get it from him :) I have always felt strong but after having these kids along with my age, it takes so much more effort to do what used to be easy for me! Oh, do I love air conditioning too! Today is going to be the first hot day in a while, we'll see how we do! Hope you enjoyed your walk!

  2. Yup, I'm ready to pick Noah up ;)

    1. Even though I'm okay, I would love to pick him up today too!!! One more sleep, we can do it. Now if only we could pick them up at 10 AM! Fingers crossed they are having a BLAST!!

  3. GREAT list this week! YAY for new shoes! And a great hubby! And HIKING/CAMPING!!!! So awesome :)
    Pokemon, I'll just say I'm one of the ones that doesn't love it. I know it's a love or hate thing and differences are all good ;) haha!