Thursday, July 07, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I write 10 things that I am thankful for so here we go!  This week I am thankful for:

1. Family days.  It's rare that we actually have all four of our kids together these days as our Little One is often on visits (the current plan is for our Little One to be with us just one more month). Canada Day was a great morning together with our crew and I loved getting our photo taken in the photo booth.

2.  A new beer to try. If you like peaches and beer, you'll like this one.

3.  My mom's homemade heating pad. Kai had a muscle spasm in his neck so he was able to use the heating pad.  It made me smile because although he never met my mom, he was able to receive comfort from her when he wasn't feeling well. I'll take what I can get!

4. Nya Bear combing my hair.  She loves to brush her own hair and mine.  The brush she is using was mine when I was a baby.  I love when people play with my hair–Gary's not really into it.

5.  Journaling with my boys.  I just ask them a different question every other day or so.  It helps to keep communication going and works on their printing which is definitely not their strength.

6.  Family hike!  I'm spending most of my days editing a wedding but like to still get my 10,000 steps in so I'm thankful that they were up for the challenge of the Abby Grind!

7.  Hiking poles.  They help me so much and I highly recommend them if you have any issues with your knees.  

8.  Shooting our last wedding!  Eight years of weddings and we had our last one.  It feels good.  It was so awesome while we did it but it was time to free up our calendar and not spend hours in front of the computer editing.  I FEEL AMAZING.  Well, maybe more amazing once I'm actually done editing the photos.

9.  Clouds.  Have they always been so beautiful against the blue sky and I just never realized?  I am loving them these days.

10. Flowers on the table. These are from the wedding and they brighten up our kitchen, I love it.  As a side note, we have had the same kitchen table for 11 years and it still works well but I've actually ordered a new one from Rustic Valley.  The pub style table and chairs aren't the best for kids. Our new table won't be ready until January but I'm very excited.  We use our kitchen table so much (every meal, homework, puzzles etc) and I look forward to making new memories around our new one.

I also have two new books to read for book club so hopefully they're awesome and make my Thankful Thursday list for new week!  What are you thankful for today?



  1. You have a lefty! Is that genetic?

    1. It's hard to know if it is genetic. We bought have lefties in our family (especially Gary's side) :)