Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kai's Simple Sports Themed Party

We celebrated Kai's 10th birthday early this year because we are unsure of what our life will look like in a few weeks in regards to holidays.  Besides, it was perfect timing for him to hand out his birthday invites at the end of school!  Parties can be pretty elaborate these days and fortunately Kai's choice of a sports-themed party was super easy and affordable to do. "Mom, boys my age don't care about decorations and stuff" meant that there was very little preparation involved.   I'm so thankful that Gary is a PE teacher so organizing games for the kids is so easy for him to do.

Kai had asked for road hockey goalie gear for his birthday and I found a great set secondhand from a friend of mine for just $20!  He was really happy about it and we totally surprised him with it–I'm usually terrible at keeping secrets.

We had invited all the boys in his class plus a girl and my nieces and the neighbour boys.  It was raining when it started so they played hand hockey in the basement first.  Then it cleared up and we played some hockey outside.  Teams were made by picking candy colours from a bag and the kids enjoyed a good half hour of playing and then we had a shoot out competition.  I won't post pictures of other kids but just know there were many smiles!

The grass was wet so we played a soccer game in the basketball court.  Again, so great!  We then went back to the house for hot dogs and ice cream (Kai doesn't like cake).  It was perfect and it seemed like everyone else had fun having a PE-like birthday party. I can tell you that would not have been what I wanted as a kid!  If I could do something differently I would have made it longer so it didn't feel so rushed eating.

The next day Kai asked if he could use some of his birthday money to buy his siblings a small gift.  I try to let them make their own decisions in regards to spending birthday money (which is hard for me but I know it's important!) so off he went to get three gifts. 

Nya received Shopkins.  I'll be honest, the boys know more about them than she does!  

Our Little One received a little train pack that Kai had looked into a few weeks prior.  It was so sweet and thoughtful and well received.

 Koey was gifted a Pokemon pack and upon opening had the hugest grin: A Mega EX (Altaria?). His reaction was priceless.

And in case you were wondering, they make up many games with Shopkins.  Here they are doing a game where they jump five times and see what Shopkin is standing upright.  They also do competitions to see which one is the last one to get bounced to the outer yellow line. Strange to me but they are playing nicely together!

So that was Kai's 10th birthday! Low key and enjoyed by all.  Now to get used to the fact that my oldest child is (almost) a decade old...


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