Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  A recovered journal.  When my mom was sick with cancer 9 years ago, I would journal on the computer at night when I couldn't sleep.  I had pages and pages.  I thought I had lost it years ago when my laptop crashed.  I found the journal on Gary's computer (he had recovered the hard drive) and printed it up this past week.  It was so powerful to read about the last conversation that I had with my mom which I never would've remembered.

2.  Recognition for photography. I have put 8 years into this business.  I have purposely kept it small yet tried to grow my skills over those years. I had submitted some photos to an anonymous voting contest called Shoot & Share and found out that this photo made it to the 12th (final) round. I didn't win but it's nice to have recognition that we do take some good photos.  Several other photos made it to the top 20 and 30%.

3.  This sweetheart.  In the past, when I've been frustrated with the kids, the boys would usually just make silly faces and make me crazier.  This week, Nya crawled onto the couch next to me and rubbed my back and asked me why I was frustrated.  She suggested we cuddle.  There was nothing more I needed at that point.  

4.  Mother daughter date.  Nya and I went to Dora with our friends.  It was definitely a gorgeous day so I felt so wrong spending it indoors but she really liked it.  She did have a few epic lay-on-the-ground meltdowns which were not so awesome but overall we enjoyed it.  

5.  Garage sale finds. You guys, it makes me so happy!  I found here this wooden doll structure (for free!), size 8T pink glittery TOMS ($5) and an authentic Disney Cinderella dress in 4T perfect condition ($1). 

6.  A piece (or two) in the Huffington Post.  I submitted two blog posts and they chose to post both of them. Crazy, right?  I'm definitely not a very controversial writer so that works for me because if there were negative comments, I couldn't handle it.  Here is the marriage post. 

7. Nya Bear being okay.  The first black eye in our family goes to Nya.  It happened on the day we had a wedding to photograph so we weren't there to comfort her.  Her eye made some serious contact with a wooden step.

8.  A wonderful wedding.  This couple is just so genuine.  It was a lovely wedding (location, couple, wedding party, weather) and I'm madly editing away because we have another one this Saturday.

9.  Water. To drink and play in. 

10. Good running shoes.  I wear Brooks.  They are pricey shoes but it's worth it.  My old running shoes became my walking shoes and I bought a new pair at the beginning of the year.  Although I think heels look awesome, they do terrible things to my body.  I have very sensitive feet with fallen arches so I wear orthotics.  When I've got a lot do to in the house I usually just wear runners for the support.  Now they just need to invent heels that feel like quality runners...

11.  Coffee dates with Opi.  Nya get to go once a month to Starbucks with my dad.  She loves it and this week she got to go in the fancy car!

12,  Playgrounds to practice American Ninja Warrior moves.  If you haven't watched it before, you might want to.  I have ended up in tears several time after hearing some of the competitors stories.  Our daughter is now known as Ninja Nya.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Thank you so much for all the love on my last post.


PS You know the drill; what are YOU thankful for?


  1. Love the black eye :) Someone is always bound to get one... Neither of mine have had one but I'm sure at some point we will experience it and I'm sure it will be when Spencer is gone!
    I am thankful for:
    - Addison and her belting out songs. She LOVES to sing. This girl has serious potential to be a worship leader. Her favourite song right now is by Rend Collective, "My Lighthouse"
    - Jacob and his love for Paw Patrol. He has one Paw Patrol tshirt that I brought home from California and he asks every day if his pups are clean. I have to purposely hide it from him just so it stays clean until the next day or else he would change half way through the day to wear it
    - Watching Spencer play with the kids on the trampoline
    - Sunshine! Although I'm ready for it to stay at 25 degrees. It's already peaked a few days out at 28 and that's about as hot as my body is okay with. There's potential for our daytime average to be 30+ for majority of the summer and that won't be very fun.
    - Summer holidays even if they aren't happening until August. I'm so ready to come home even if it's for a shorter time frame because we used most of our days for Hawaii back in January.

    1. Nya loves to sing too, I love it! She sings whenever she's playing by herself; music to my ears!

  2. I am so happy for you that your got that journal back. I know that finding a lost conversation would mean the world to me. Also I think we need to yard sale together some time.You find all the great scores! I hope you celebrated your Huffington Post articles.

    1. Yes, so glad I have it! I never would've remembered how everything happened. I didn't celebrate the Huff Post articles, but maybe I should!

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    There are some heels that use Nike air technology by cole haan "lightweight polyurethane mid-sole and rubber outsole cushioned with concealed Nike AIR technology, for ultimate comfort". I have a pair they are really comfortable they can be found at
    Don't feel quite like runners but much closer then most heels;)

    1. Interesting!! I'll have to check it out on a Bay sale day :)

  4. Be proud of those accomplishments - in Huff Post & the Shoot & Share! WELL DONE!
    Glad Nya is ok :)
    Today, thankful for:
    -comfortable temperature
    -the family's willingness to eat cod with me tonight for dinner
    -the opportunity to take a day off of work on Monday to go on a field trip with E's class to Crescent beach!

    1. Thank you, Kelly.
      Loved the temperatures the last couple of days, too! So glad you get to go on E's field trip--I'm sure he'll love having you there!

  5. Pink sparkly TOMS?! Ah-maze-ing! If you see any if a 9 or 10 women's on your garage sale hops, let me know ;)

  6. Congratulations on the Huffington Post articles, the photo recognition and finding the lost journal!