Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Garage sales.  I love free Saturday mornings where Kai and I can hit up some garage sales.  This past week we found the next book that Kai needs to read in the Harry Potter series.  Perfect condition for $1.

2.  Koen's creativity.  He reenacts many of the rides from Disney World.  Here Pluto is spinning on the Teacups (beyblades).   Koen has a field trip to the water park soon--in his head he is envisioning a Disney World water park, not a little spray park, so I think he may be disappointed.

3.  Brotherly love. These two can fight but I think this arguing has been helpful for teaching them life skills (hopefully?!)  They love each other so much; love letters and reading bed time stories.  In case you were wondering, Koen didn't like listening to Harry Potter; it was a bit above his head.

4.  Great couples to work with.  I know I've been thankful for this a few times but I truly do appreciate that people choose us to capture those memories of their big day!  This bride, Shannon, blogs over here

5.  My dad.  He has always taught me to have dreams, appreciate adventure, and don't worry so much about what other people think--be yourself!

6.  A successful team sport experience.   The hockey season has just two weeks left in it.  We enjoyed it and appreciate that it was low cost and pretty local.   Looking forward to taking a break over the next few months as the kids will just be in swimming lessons and that's it!

7.  Family.  We celebrated Georgia and Nya's third birthdays in a casual back yard bbq this weekend.  Love that these kids just play so well together.  Thirteen kids and counting...

8. Hearing Nya sing `The Doc is in and she'll fix you up....'.  She loves Doc McStuffins and this medical kit was a perfect gift!

9. Always another book to read for book club!  I'm having a hard time sitting down and getting into it.  Have you read it? Did you like it?

10.  Sprinklers.

11.  A mischievous smile.  Koen reminds me a lot of my dad...a bit of a jokester.

12.  A husband who teaches the kids.  I often don't have patience to teach them a lot around the house because I am with them so much.  Thankful he can and does!

13.  New camera equipment.  Gary is probably more thankful for it but it's a good investment for the upcoming year of weddings.  We purchased a 100 mm macro lens and another Canon 5d mark iii so Gary can have one as well. Our Canon 5d was very well used and we weren't sure that it could be 100% reliable.  Running your own photography business definitely has a lot of costs, especially with two photographers!  This was a $3500.00 week for just 10 more weddings. Yikes.

14. Kai's beautiful eyes.  Taken with the above macro lens.

15.  Morning coffee.  I was using a Tassimo coffee maker for the past couple of years but the waste from the pods was really getting to me.  Solution? Yum.

I hope you are having a good week.  I'm sorry to sound vague but we had a pretty stressful incident earlier this week (not fostering related).  With hard work, helpful friends, and some prayer, we were able to resolve it.  It was a weight lifted off of our shoulders and I am so thankful for that! 

As always, I would love to hear what you are thankful for today.


PS I would love for you to join in on the conversation on Talk Nerdy To Me's facebook page if you haven't done so already.  We talk about important things, you know, like whether or not it's appropriate for me to wear overalls.


  1. Love Love Love Harry Potter! My sister was exactly the right ages of the characters as the books were published and she said reading them each year that way was ahem magical... so my boy is eagerly anticipating turning 11 (in a year and a half) to start reading the series.

    Tell me more about getting into/ starting? a book club. It's been on my bucket list but I have no idea where to start.

    1. Can you believe I only read the first three books of Harry Potter? Kai is just about 9 and we were hesitant about him starting this early but his love for reading is just so great.

      Book club. Love it. We have a great program here in Surrey where you can take out a whole bin of book club books (10 books I believe) which come with a question guide too! Other ones I've been in are a group of friends where you take turns selecting three options and the book club votes which one they'd like. When you get together, you can talk about what you've been reading, your overall thoughts on the book and then go through specific questions. Usually it ends up being an excellent time to eat good food and catch up, too. Highly recommend it! We meet every 5 weeks.

  2. I just tried commenting but from an I phone it's so hard!!!! (Sign in with Google etc...) Not sure if you got it or not, but I love Kais eyes & love our engagement pics!!!!!! Can't wait to see all of them :)

    1. Oh sign in, so annoying! You'll see them all soon!!

  3. Wowie 15 this week! That is big reading for a 9 year old. I love Harry Potter and have read the series more times than I care to admit.

    1. Ha, last week was all Gary so I had a few extras to share :) Kai loves reading and I love to see him read! I never finished the series...I probably should?

    2. Yes you should! I have them all if you or Kai want to borrow them.

  4. Okay, must get into it! Just read the prologue.

  5. LOVE that pic of Kai's eye!
    So glad your stressful incident was resolved!!