Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day, Gary

The kids and I put together this Father's Day video which you can see here.  Apparently I married Gary because he had nice clothes.

I had the kids each fill out a card for Gary about what they love about him. Nya says that daddy's job is `to get my jammies' and he's really good at learning numbers.

I am so glad that Gary is the father of my kids.  Why?

He enjoys teaching them the joy in adventure (how did we take three kids to the Philippines and Thailand?!)

He enjoys playing with them.

He loves to take them hiking and encourages a love for the outdoors.

{McKee Peak above, Lynn Canyon below}

He loves watching sports with his boys.

He enjoys family days and helps to document them.

He's better at playing barbies than I am.

He includes the kids in household activities so that they learn how to garden and clean vehicles.

He spends time in the kitchen with each of them; allowing them to participate and teaching them along the way.

He'll wait in line to meet a Disney princess.

He's not afraid to look silly.

He let's the kids experience more risks than I would.

He also teaches them respect, love, responsibility and so much more.  Although we may have differences in opinion on how to parent at times, we both have the same goal in mind; teaching them to love God, others and themselves.

Happy Father's Day Daddy Bear!  Thank you, Gary.

Louise, Kai, Koen, and Nya.


  1. I did that video too... and Addison told me that the reason I married Spencer was to make babies! She also said that what makes him handsome is a bowtie :)