Monday, August 11, 2014

Top 3 Rides at Splashdown Waterpark

We usually go to Splashdown Waterpark once a year for Kai's birthday and so we already went last month.  We were given the opportunity to go again this past week and the kids said, `Yes, please!!'. I like it because it's close and affordable.  How affordable?  Well, kids under 3 are free, you can go during twilight hours (4-8 pm which I prefer because there are no day camps there), and finally, you can use the Entertainment Coupon Savings book for 2 for 1 coupons.  You know me, I love a good deal!

I would say that it's perfect for our kids' ages; 2-8 years old.  I asked them for their favourites and this is what they said:

Top Three Rides At Splashdown Park

1. Kai (age 8): The Black Hole.

You do need to be 48" tall to go on this ride.  It's pretty dark so you have no idea when you will drop or turn.  I like it too!  Koen has been eating as many vegetables as he can to grow another 2" for next year.  You can ride double (it's better!) or single.

2. Koen (age 5): Big Jim's River Run aka The Tube Ride. I think Koen has done it 12 times now.  He loves it every time.  We do put water wings on him at all times as the pool at the bottom is a bit deeper and I'm not confident in his ability to swim alone.

3. Nya (age 2): The Hot Tub.  Last time she went on way more waterslides (on our lap) but this time she mostly wanted to stick to floating around the hot tub.  They keep it at a great temperature so the boys could come and quickly warm up too.

See you again next year, Splashdown Park!  If you've been with your kids, what age were they and what did they love best?


PS If anyone wants a two for one coupon, I still have one left in my coupon book!

*Disclaimer: We were given a family pass to review Splashdown Park and these opinions are my own.*


  1. Thanks for the heads about about the Entertainment Coupon! I always buy the book but never remember what's in it.

  2. great post my friend