Friday, August 01, 2014

Abbotsford Agrifair

I won tickets to the Abbotsford Agrifair off of Moments in Mommyland's blog.  You might think I win a lot of stuff and I sort of do.  However, I also enter 1-3 contests each and every day :)   There were 4 passes to the Agrifair and then 2 ride passes.  

We started off the day with waffles made by Gary and his assistant Nya.  Then we dropped off our Korean students and went out to Abbotsford.   We brought Nya to my in-laws because she wasn't big enough for the rides and would've been sooo grumpy.

I've never been to the Agrifair.  If you're interested, adult tickest are $12 and anyone under 10 is free.  It's on all weekend (August 1-4).  

We first visited all of the animals.

I believe the buffalo's name was Nancy.

The Alpacas were cute. I wanted to take the grass out of his/her hair but wasn't sure if it would like me doing that.

The Reptile Guy was there with some pretty cool animals.  Turles, spiders, iguana's, snakes etc.  The kids got to hold a gecko.  I think his name was Grant.

We had to wait until 12 pm for the rides to start so then we went to the open gymnastics time at Twisters which is located on the grounds.  The boys LOVED this.  I would for sure recommend dropping in there.  They both asked if they could join gymnastics after it.  We'll see. They also said they would love Skylanders forever...

The prize I won included day ride passes for the kids.  They loved it.  I would never pay $5 a ride per kid or whatever it would actually costs.  From 12-5pm they do have $2 rides so that would be worth it.  I'm not sure if it's all weekend but it was today (Friday).

{If the GoPro video is any good I'll add it later}

I was so surprised that Koen did the Cliff Hanger as it goes quite high.  He loved it.

I love winning free stuff and the boys had a wonderful time. We usually go to the PNE but decided not to go this year ($$) so this was a good replacement for the kids. It was hot (at least 30C) so we were just there for 3 hours and that was enough for me.

Koen needs lists for everything so here is his Top Three:
1. Cliff Hanger
2. Scrambler
3. Gymnastics

I hope you all have a safe long weekend!


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