Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Abbotsford Air Show

I still have a high from my aeroabatic ride that I blogged about a few weeks ago!  I should also mention that because I did it, I feel like the idea of paragliding or even a ropes course, is way less intimidating now.  I am still afraid of heights but I think it has definitely helped me (unlike `The Revolution' at Playland which is a terrible memory!).

I just wanted to post about going to the Abbotsford Air Show with our family in case you were considering it for 2015.

The cost to go is $30/adult and $15/child over 5.  Kids under 5 are free.  Therefore, it would cost our family $90 to go, which is above our `outing budget' unless it was a major passion for our kids.  Another option is a carload of 6 for $100.00.  This means that you could go as 3 couples which would be much more affordable.  I think that Gary and I would do a triple date night on the first night of the air show (Twilight Show) when they have fireworks too. 

It was very hot that weekend so the kids were only interested in the planes for about one hour.  We took my dad along who was definitely intrigued with everything that the announcer said and every plane that flew by.

Above is what Brent Handy, the aerobatic pilot I flew with, did!  So impressive.

There were a lot of families with young kids!  The hard part was not the noise but the lack of shade.  I had them in hats and sunscreen but it was hard for them to be out in the hot sun that long.  Many people brought umbrellas which worked well.

Fortunately there is a giant McDonalds Play Zone that the kids hit up for an hour.  A lot of bouncy castles and even dodge ball.  They were also given free tickets for a McDonald's ice cream each!

There was a climbing wall as well and for $3 they get two climbs.

We went and visited the Static Display (all the planes on the ground) and then headed out.  

It was fun to go as a family.  I think it was nice to have my dad along as he truly appreciates it all.  Our kids weren't wanting to focus on planes for too long so I'm very thankful for the Kids Zone!  Hopefully next year it's a bit cooler and then Gary and I can go on a date night!  Either that, or we would go again as a family and take another adult who could help offset our family cost :)  

Have you been?  What did you think?  Did you know you can camp there?  The last time I went was 20 years ago so  I'm glad I had the chance to go again!


**Disclaimer: We were given tickets to the Air Show and these opinions are 100% my own :)**

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