Tuesday, August 05, 2014

August Long Weekend

Gary and I are tired.  This summer has been very go, go, go.  Well, I guess they all are with three kids and a photography business and life.  This time we've thrown in a couple of 13 year old boys too so it's added just another touch of busy.  I think it doesn't help that we're getting older too ;)   It's been a great summer so far and I'm so glad that we've been able to do so much.

I am very much looking forward to later next week when Gary and I get to go on our Fort Langley Ultimate Dream Date and we get to go on an awesome hike.  That's two dates in one week, folks!  I need a little break from the kids so it will be perfect.

This weekend we celebrated Kai and Gary's birthdays.  Kai turned 8 and Gary turned 39.  Kai's Amazing Race birthday party will be in a few weeks...not sure how `amazing' it will be as very few people will be there but we'll try!

Pokemon cards from dad (he also got his Skylanders Wii game a while ago for his birthday).

Yeseung and Sunwoo thought the birthday bumps were a little weird :)

Gum from mom (he LOVES gum and collects them).

Mario from Koen and Nya.

It's been over 30C for a days now and we are roasting!  We went to the waterpark to cool down a bit.  The day before we went to the local pool and had a barbecue and made s'mores too.

Kai asked for donuts for his birthday instead of cupcakes.  He got the special orea one.

Sunwoo and Yeseung liked their donuts (they did not like the blackberry muffins that I made that morning).

Nya loved her sprinkles.  Melt me. Melt me. 

And, the main reason that I blog.  Kai and I spent an hour reading old blog posts about his past birthdays and funny things he's said.  He loved it. I got so emotional.  It was awesome.

Monday we went to the BC Day Carnival for all the international students and their host families.  The boys had a blast.  

Nya took a huge tumble down our front concrete steps that morning so she was a little grumpy.  She wanted to wear Koen's shoes oustide and refused Gary's hand and she fell.  Poor girl.  She also lost her Dora stuffie on a walk with Gary that morning.  She sleeps with it every night (and Dora and I sing to her at bedtime too!) so I was sooo thankful to find the same one on clearance at Winners.  Phew. 

They had to guess the number of chocolate kisses in a jar.  That's the only kind of kissing booth I want Kai in!

Sunwoo and Yeseung learning how to play lacrosse.  

They didn't jump this high. I need one of these in my house.  PS These velcro suits will definitely destroy any rash guard/swim shirts.

The picture above is gross but it just shows Koen as he is.  So messy.

I pulled out Kai's 3rd tooth on his birthday.  The toothfairy gave him $1.25 because it was on a special day.

Kai dunked Sunwoo.

I tried to dunk Kai.  Yeseung ended up getting him in.

Gary got this shirt for his birthday and it makes me giggle!  He may have also gotten a new computer.  I will also be needing another one soon.  

Hope you had a good, safe long weekend!

Love, Louise


  1. oh nya! ouch!

    that velcro wall and slip and slide look fuuuuun! did you have to toss the boys up that high?

    looks like it was a fun birthday celebration weekend!

  2. Margriet Radke7:59 PM

    The chemistry teacher in me loves Gary's shirt! Looks like it was a great weekend :)

  3. All of a sudden Kai looks so grown up!

  4. This was a good shirt post. Love the humor and Gary's and that striped one with green at the top is pretty fine too :) The back part is sweet. And that picture of Koen? Hilarious.