Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trip to the Island

Early Wed. morning, me, Kai, Maria, Jackie and Annika headed out to Port Alberni to visit with Oma Pater and Uncle Al for a few hours. Here's Annika enjoying her reflection on the ferry. Jackie was a great help with the kids...thanks Jack.

Here's oma holding Kai who was wiggling around quite a bit. He did manage to give oma some smiles but of course I didn't catch them on the camera. I guess it's great-oma and not just oma for him! Kai is totally giving the look like `mom, you take too many pictures of me!'

Maria also got some smiles out of Kai.

Jackie showed him what the arcade is all about. Like father, like son. I was in the backseat the entire trip wedged between two carseats....the two little monkeys behaved rather well which was wonderful. Guess I could handle another one:)

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