Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay, so I have a problem! When I was pregnant, I barely ate any chocolate or sweets. Now, I crave it like crazy and I'm not sure why. My hypothesis is that it's because I'm expending a lot of energy feeding the little guy, my blood sugar must get low and I just need a quick `pick me up'. Whatever the reason, it's really bothering me. Today I said that I would try to stop eating chocolate. Why? Well, it's a pretty bad habit, those last 7 pounds are not coming off, and, I'm supposed to be off all dairy and caffiene so that our little guy is less irritable.
So how did it go? At 7:52 am, I had my first craving and I resisted...until 10:05 when I had half of a nanaimo bar. Failure. Then, at 11am, I had the other half of the nanaimo bar. I then felt chilly and realized what would be better in front of the fire place than a hot chocolate? I had one telling myself it wasn't really chocolate. What's better than a hot chocolate on a blustery day?
I come from a family that has a great love for chocolate, and good chocolate too. I worked at Purdy's choc. for 4 years so I can appreciate the good stuff. My chocolate of choice would be a milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it. My mom loved burnt almond dark chocolate bars. My dad...anything...but pref. a snickers or mars. I remember that he once bought 100 5th Avenue chocolate bars because it was 4 for $1. Were they even good? My dad usually has a stash of mocha melties from Purdy's and if we ever have a huge craving, we know where to go.
Don't get me wrong, we are a pretty healthy family with everyone walking/running 5km's and up every day.
I try moderation. Gary loves chocolate too so I'm not gonna let him eat it while I just watch. He likes Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Oh well....
On a totally separate note: our little guy is doing sooooo well!!! I'll post a picture when he wakes up:)


  1. I can sympathize with you. After Jade was born, I had to have chocolate every day, and I didn't have much at all while pregnant with either child. My grandmother-in-law works for Purdy's and is generous to her grandchildren with chocolate on the holidays, so that didn't help me either. It's good for you, it helps ward off post-partum, so enjoy. :)

  2. Definately a family thing---chocolate is awesome! Blustery days - that is from winnie the pooh...

  3. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Giving up chocolate might be a little easier if you stop thinking and talking about it constantly...haha