Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Good morning! I'd say I've been slacking in the blogging department but when it's a choice of time allotment, it could be said that it's more about managing priorities. I love this space for connecting with others (I've learned so many things!) and for a record of our memories.  So along with this space, here are some other things I am thankful for this week:

1. My kids playing together. Having three kids is unique especially when you have two boys and a girl. The two boys play sports well together but the younger two get along better together in regular life. Nya does not love sports but really wants her brothers to feel proud of her. When Koen got asked to captain a 3 on 3 tourney, he needed to have an older player and younger one. I was hoping they could all get along and they did! Yahoo! Proud of Nya for trying her best and thankful that the boys threw some encouragement her way (Koen is a good encourager!).

2. Peonies. It's very strange how much joy these flowers give me. I'm so glad they've lasted over a week already! And because I know people will ask: Costco for $11.99.

3. Time to read. I really liked The Lost Man and have no idea how some people live so isolated!

4. Garage sale finds! I found Nya this lamp for $5 and it's very "her". It's sitting on a table that Gary made when he was in grade 8. I do want a nice nightstand but may just keep Gary's table there as it's meaningful. PS People assume I'm frugal because I don't like to spend money. Not at all. I like to be wise with my money and I feel that's different. I like saving $10 on a lamp so I can use that money to donate it.

5. Tigh-na-mara in less than a month! Every two years my dad takes us all on a local trip (all five daughters and their families). We've gone to Whistler and to Parksville. We're headed back to Tigh-Na-Mara for the third time! It's such an easy place to be and no decisions need to be made which makes this mama/planner very happy. 

6. Boys ball hockey wrapping up. They're in playoffs right now so anything can happen! I love watching them play for different reasons. Koen is intense and animated and hard-working. Kai is serious and determined.  I'm so glad that they have this sport, it has taught them a lot about hard work and being a good teammate. Also, I just got Koen a new stick for 50% off as his blade was on it's last few games! Yahoo! (Canadian Tire: Bauer Nexus 7000).

7. Good blood pressure. I don't think I need to worry about my heart. We did buy a machine because I do want to keep an eye on Gary's blood pressure, we're not young anymore!

8. Being able to be active with my kids. We often play sports together (basketball, badminton, soccer, football, hockey etc). Koen is still young enough that he thinks I'm good ;) Kai likes to think he's better than me at everything. This could be true although I still think I throw a better spiral than him.

9. Our trampoline. It is so well used each and every day. The boys play basketball on it and Nya enjoyed the sprinkler with it yesterday when it was 30C! We have a VERY small yard so try to use it very wisely. We have a hot tub, trampoline and itty bitty garden.

10. Kai being in jazz band. He's only in grade 7 but it's pretty awesome what they can do! Thankful for this extra curricular activity and the teacher that invests her heart and soul into it. I'm so grateful that Kai (who did not love the trumpet when he started) is going to be in Band next year again. Kai has a trumpet solo in the performance tonight and I love seeing him being involved in a variety of areas--academics, sports, music and volunteering! It makes him sound awesome but don't worry, the reality of having an almost 13-year-old means there are struggles too.

What is one thing YOU are thankful for today?


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