Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thankful Thursday: End of School Edition

Today is the last day of school for my kiddos! We did it. Phew. The main "work" of it all is just the organization–from agendas to field trip forms to birthday parties to band concert information that comes home in that backpack every day, it's a full time management job. Let's take a quick look at the growth (physical and otherwise) this year for each kid. Please note that I'm mostly focusing on the positive. This is not because my kids are perfect but I don't want to embarrass them publicly.

Last day of school!

Grade 7 done

Grade 4 done

Grade 1 done
Kai: Completed Grade 7
-Gained 8lbs and 3" (now 94 lbs and 5'6")
-Played almost every sport: basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, track and field and cross country in school. He also did ball hockey again through Surrey Minor Ball Hockey and the Langley Hockey House. He excels in running the 1500m and in ball hockey where he made the Surrey rep team for U13.
-Played the trumpet in jazz band
-Took Math 8 online and finished with a 95%
-Continued with his Thrive course and program in order to help kids with special needs at church and in life. He is great with other kids (other than his siblings).
-Started wearing Invisalign (aka my retirement fund)
-Loves sports, jazz band and math.
-Free time is spent playing sports with the neighbour boys, watching sports on TV or walking to 7-Eleven for a slurpie with the boys.
-He's looking forward to high school for more of a challenge and for the team sports (of course). I'm very curious to see how he manages it all.

June (band concert)

Koen: Completed Grade 4
-Gained only 2 lbs and 1" (now 77 lbs and 4'8"). The lack of physical growth is concerning to me this year but he is a healthy weight and height overall. He is on biphentin for ADHD which gives him a lack of appetite during the school day. He is also social and likes to chat rather than eat his lunch. We'll try to fatten him up over the summer. It doesn't help that he doesn't stop moving either!
-Had a tricky time with three teachers over the year which was no ideal but worked out well in the end.
-Played ball hockey at the Langley Hockey House and Surrey Minor Ball Hockey. He is one of the top 10 in his division for points and we are so proud of his non stop hustle in the game.
-Started using an iPad for journaling as writing is beyond frustrating for him. Goal is to work on his typing skills this summer.
-Has some great buddies at school that he plays soccer or hockey with each and every day. His favourite part is passing to someone who hasn't scored in a while so they can be celebrated.
-Played the recorder and will be starting a band instrument in grade 5. I'm not sure what instrument would be best for him as I want this to be a positive experience.
-Fell in love with reading even more (mostly Big Nate and Wimpy Kid books still). Goes to bed at 8:30 and reads until 9pm.
-Plays so nicely with Nya (yay, miracles can happen) as long as Kai is not around.
-Can be very encouraging.

Nya: Completed Grade 1
-Gained 4 lbs and 2" (48 lbs and 3'10")
-Outgrew her asthma and had normal colds!!!!
-Favourite part of school is socializing and seems to have a new club each day (Unicorn Club, Worm Club, Water Club etc).
-Loved learning about the solar system and continues to teach us about it whether we want to hear it or not.
-Participated in a "Learn to Play Hockey" clinic and gave 100% but didn't necessarily love (or like) it. No other extracurricular this year as it was her first time in full time school.
-Wears dresses/skirts 90% of the time but has added the colour blue to her repertoire!
-Friendly, encouraging, sensitive and chatty
-Does not love "working hard" in athletics.

June (wearing heels so disregard height)
I am grateful for the teachers and EA's that love on our kids. We are part of a great community. Next year Kai will be moving up to the high school where Gary and I teach. I won't be teaching him (I will be teaching his friends Math 8) but Gary will have him for PE likely. I'm looking forward to a summer of adventures with these kids and hopefully a little down time while they entertain themselves?! 

Hope this school year was a good one for you and your kids!


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