Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Sunshine!!! Yahoo.

2. Great books. I've been reading a lot of books based on WWII as we prepare for our trip to Europe. This one is so good!

3. An iPad holder. I bought this at a garage sale for $1 and it's great for holding iPads for recipes (or actual recipe books) or for when I need to work out. 

4. Fitness Blender. I'll try not to complain about my lack of cardio due to my foot. I've been using Fitness Blender (have for years!)  to do more strength training (even though I prefer high intensity workouts). I love that it is free.

5. Sad movies. I love getting tears out and the final scene in this one definitely had me in tears. I also laughed throughout. Great movie on Netflix (*warning: deals with cancer and death).

6. My night splint. The best thing I did for my plantar faciitis was see a podiatrist. He got me this night splint and put me on prednisone (strong anti-inflammatory). I'm also having new orthotics made. Pricey but so far has made the greatest difference to my foot. It feels 90% better but I'm not allowed to run on it yet. And yes, wearing this boot to bed is not fun but I like it more than the Strassburg sock because it keeps the foot at the perfect angle. PS Yay for extended medical coverage.

7. A sunny family walk. We skipping church to get in a family walk. We love the Perimeter Trail at Tynehead. Our 12-years-old is somewhat similar to myself at that age so it's been an interesting process dealing with those feelings. I'll leave it vague ;) 

8. These two. No one can make Koen more frustrated than Nya and yet she shows him the most grace and patience. She also knows more facts about him (re: favourite things) than anyone. They can get along so well and I love these moments that are more frequent than just six months ago.

9. Removing Instagram and Facebook from my phone. Gary and the kids were noticing how much I was on my phone and it was embarrassing to have that pointed out. True, I do use it for texting, email and Google searches but primarily I was wasting time scrolling. I know I was on it too much. I deleted the apps from my phone and now just use them on the computer or add IG to my phone to check messages for five minutes a day. I wish I could add to IG feed and stories from my computer. 

10. A kid all about love. She is so sweet. On Tuesday morning she walked into my room decked out in a purple outfit covered in hearts and scattered purple hearts into the air saying "Happy purple heart day!". Seriously sunshine for my day.

There you go! What is something YOU are thankful for today?



  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I am thankful because I deleted my facebook account. So much more free time on my hands!

    If your'e looking for an excellent WWII book, I would highly recommend the Nightingale. Fascinating book, about the role of women in the French Resistance.


    1. I loved The Nightingale! Wow, you deleted you whole account—big step. Baby steps working for me so far.