Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week we only have three teaching days which is awesome. I like my job but I also like not working. I was talking with a colleague about what the perfect amount of work looks like, or really, what I would like to do with my life. Overall, no matter the choice, she said it's all just 7/10 and I fully agree! It's really such a "Louise" thing to say; when adding up pros and cons for all the options they all balance out at 7/10. All good choices. Okay, so let's get on with the thankfulness for this week...

I am thankful for:

1. A costume for Kai. A friend hooked us up with this Archimedes look which Kai needs for next week. I was not looking forward to throwing this together by going through thrift stores for him so I'm glad it all worked out! We may have to figure out how to calm the hair a bit.

2. Getting our Nexus iris scans done. It was one of those things that sits on the "To Do" list for far too long and we finally got ours done this weekend. This means the airports should be a breeze for us this year...right?

3. Extended Medical Coverage. I went to the podiatrist and got a new night splint (a boot to wear to bed) and I'm getting orthotics made. So glad this is all covered as the total is over $800. 

4. Hockey playoffs. The boys are both in the playoffs and should be in the finals which is all very exciting! Kai is top of the leaderboard for points in the playoffs (yes, bragging). 

5. A Valentines' Date with Gary. It was snowing and we walked to a Pho place. I just love that we can leave and Kai can babysit! Gary also surprised me with solar lights by our hot tub which in Gary fashion he did not tell me about until I just noticed last night when we were in the hot tub. He also wrote me a sweet letter which I won't share but I was super impressed. Let's pretend I got him more than Scooby Doo socks.

6. An itinerary for Europe. I love trip planning but it can feel overwhelming. I do like a tentative itinerary because I don't want to be making a million decisions each day especially when there can be other stressors going on. I used our snow days to tackle this and feel very good about our three weeks in Europe (two weeks in the Netherlands and one in northern France). 

7. Pesto. Whipping cream. Cream Cheese. Coffee. Peanut M+M's. You know, just yummy food. I do feel a tad defeated that I'm not allowed to run right now so trying to lose any weight to help my foot out is so difficult. Yes, I could eliminate all the things I love but they bring me joy, yo.

The recumbent bike brings me little joy. Note the Fitbit in my sock.
8. Great classes. I get to teach two hard-working Biology 12 classes which is "easy" and enjoyable. I am so curious about September as I'm only on a one-year contract but I am at peace in the sense that if I don't get a part time position I can always sub.

9. Being able to drive our car! We used to have to take the van all the time because we had four kids and now we use half the gas on our trips by taking our Matrix. Also, because Koen is on ADHD meds it makes a huge difference on how close the siblings can be physically. 

10. All the travelling we have done. I'm glad we didn't wait and I look forward to all that will come. It is a little wild how much our kids have done so far.  Nya (6) has been to the following (outside of B.C.): Philippines, Thailand, Florida, Carribean Cruise (St. Kitts, Grand Turk, St. Martin, San Juan), California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Yellowstone (and all the fun parks along the way) and Alberta. This year we will add: Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium and France to that list! Next year we aren't sure as it depends on finances/work but we still do hope to either do Alaska or the East Coast of Canada. I know it sounds fancy but the rest of our lives are definitely not unless you consider a 2004 Toyota Sienna fancy.

What is something YOU are thankful for today?


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