Thursday, October 04, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Well it's Thanksgiving weekend so I better have some thankfulness to share! This week I am thankful for:

1. Gary and I were able to go to Harvest Glow. 
I don't do a lot of blogging these days but was happy to be an ambassador for Glow as it is a family event that we enjoy. We will be going back as a family in a few weeks and it is well worth the $39.95 for a family pass (of five).

2. A great partnership with Gary. 
We've been married for 13 years now and I feel like we have grown to understand each other and ourselves a lot more. I am not naive to the fact that we are past the hard part as I know there's more to come but I'm thankful that we have more tools to deal with everything. 

3. Our Thanksgiving centrepiece. 
I saw this idea on Facebook and the kids embraced it. We just wrote things we are thankful for all week and will probably continue to do so all month. In case you were curious, Nya loved it the most and it's now covered in her writing.

4. Gary being able to buy a new toy. 
The Hero 7 GoPro is a huge step up from the Hero 3 we've used for years.  Gary took it on his hiking trip to Garibaldi Lake this week and was very happy with the footage he got. I'm thankful that he knows how to use it, can make fun videos for our family AND that we currently have the income to afford treats like this. That said, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Gary.

5. Fall baking.
Gary made these pumpkin scones from Yum and Yummer which included maple butter. I love all things made with pumpkin puree, especially when I'm not the one making it ;) 

6. Secondhand clothes.
I don't often buy myself secondhand clothes because I don't have time to search through everything but I had an evening to spend an hour at Talize and found some great tops for a total of $30. I get very warm when I'm teaching so I wanted light and flowy tops. Done!

7. Another year of Run for the Cure.
This was our 17th year and although it was raining it was still a beautiful run around Mill Lake. Thankful for another year of health.

8. Another season of hockey! 
Terrible photos but Kai, Koen and I are back at it. My team is a lot better this year (I guess that's what happens 3 seasons in) and we won our first game (I scored!) and lost by one to the top team in our second game. I do get frustrated with myself when I miss a pass or cause a turnover but it's all worth it. Will be a great season.

9. A science lab.
When I taught years ago the lab was our classroom. Now there is a giant science lab that I use almost every day with my kids. This isn't a very exciting experiment (gummy bears in different concentrations of solution) but I can't post photos of students obviously. Thankful that I made it through the first month of teaching okay. Teaching is hard work (not the teaching part but all the extra stuff) and I am so thankful that I have such great kids to teach–teenagers are mostly awesome.

10. These three
They are not the easiest and they fight too much but I love them all so much. Kai seems very grown up it's sort of freaking me out. He went with the neighbour boys to rake leaves for an afternoon and they each made $20. He is hardworking in school and sports (he's playing 4 different ones right now). Koen is working hard in school and being a great friend to those in his class. He is part of hockey and running club and is the strongest 9-year-old I've ever met. He is hilarious and always has a joke on any topic. He cannot handle Nya's rendition of a joke and will launch in to a giant lesson on what a joke actually is. Nya is sweet and sensitive and a tad emotional. She just had her first cold of the year that seems to be just a cold–very excited about that! Oh, and she's finally taken off with reading and is so proud of her ability to do so.

11. Sushi.
We get take out about once a week now and it is delicious. Sometimes it's Triple O's burgers (on Tuesdays of course!) and today it was sushi. Yum.

I hope that you have a great thanksgiving weekend. What is something that YOU are thankful for today?


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