Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday

One of the reasons I started Thankful Thursdays years ago was reading Anna Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts and started practicing gratitude more but the other is because I loved sharing photos from our week. Now? Um, no photos to share. I'll try my best with the sub par photos I have on my phone.

This week I am thankful for:

1. The beauty of fall's approach.  Fall is my favourite season! I miss fresh air so much. My classroom does not have windows that open to the outside and I'm definitely not getting outside as much as I need. I will have to be intentional about this on evenings and weekends.

2. Podcasts. I love learning. I was often frustrated by having to drive a lot because I felt like it was a waste of my time (time is one of the most important things in my life because my free time is so limited). I love being able to get two things done at once. If you can't read "Option B" about resilience and loss, this is a good podcast to listen to. 

3. Simple activities. Baby is happiest colouring, playing with books or play food. She's busy but pretty chill. I'm thankful that she has adjusted to daycare so well--phew!!  She has probably adjust to outside care better than any of our kids (both bio and foster).

4. Our lunchboxes. I've talked about them many times but they make lunch-making a lot easier. These are GoGreen ones and I know there's other great ones out there but just mentioning it because people always ask. Also, I wouldn't say making six lunches is very fun but at least this makes it less painful.

5. Cooler weather. I am a very warm person and sweat a lot when I'm teaching. Thankful for cooler weather where I can wear a lot more options than just a shirt with a cardigan.

6. Organization! Koen and Nya use this method for their clothes for the week. Well, I do lay out the baby's as well. So far with me working outside the home five days a week, everything has gone smoothly at home. I should point out that Gary makes dinner every night right now. Zero percent chance I can except for when he's away on his hiking trips. 

7. This girl. Grade one is a big step up as she was in part time kindergarten. She is more emotional than the boys so there's some big feelings about missing me but she is doing great. She also did not have a lot of her friends in her class this year (her brothers all did) so that was a tricky piece for Ms. Socializer but she's done a great job at making new friends and meeting up with old ones at recess.

8. Our hot tub. Such a hit, still! All of us enjoy it and I especially enjoy it alone.

9. Our commute. Although Gary and I work at the same place we sometimes take two cars because of the kids after school activities etc. However, most of the time we try to drive together. This is 30 minutes in the morning and afterschool where we can connect as a family. PS It's only a 20 minute drive but we have daycare drop off/pick up too.

10. Gary. I have had a steep learning curve with all the computer programs I need to know for work. Also, even just finding the materials for a lab can be time consuming and Gary has been more than willing to help each time–even putting my needs ahead of his own. High five to Gary.

I would love to hear something that YOU are thankful for today!


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