Sunday, October 21, 2018

Thankful Sunday

Thankful Thursday

I know I haven't been consistent on here lately but family and work take priority. In February I definitely plan on being back to blogging more–besides, we have a few trips coming up in 2019 that I'd love to share about! I was hit very hard by a virus this week and mistakenly tried to power through it thinking each morning I'd feel better. I took a lot of time to rest over the weekend and cannot wait to be 100% myself soon! I have a huge appreciation for health each and every day and feel the only way I can do what I do (parent four kids including fostering and work outside the home) is that I need to be healthy.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Beautiful fall walk at Williams Park.
Williams Park in Langley BC

2. Visits to the Pumpkin Patch. We like Port Kells Nurseries because it's so close to home and mostly free (cost for the tractor ride)! The kids each picked a decorative pumpkin for the kitchen table. With rainy days coming up this would be a great patch to visit!

3. Super helpful husband. After work each day this week I just rested so he was responsible for picking up the kids and dinner and bedtimes. He's fully capable but I know that it's no fun having that role on your own.

4. Comfortable shoes. The most important thing in each outfit I wear is that my feet are happy. Love weekends when I can wear running shoes.

5. An evening at Harvest Glow in Langley. This was a step up from the Christmas event which we already enjoyed. For $39.95 for the family I'd say it's worth it!

6. Our hot tub. Gary definitely uses it the most but Koen really enjoys it too. Unfortunately our neighbours are loving the legalization of pot so I don't love having the kids out there when they are smoking.

7. Kids who love sports. I love how it keeps them busy and healthy. Koen is one of the older ones in this current league so he's definitely doing well–hat trick in his first game and a tie breaker in the last game. Kai is busy in FOUR different sports (mostly school) and I love watching them.
PS This is definitely bragging but two games into this season and I was in the top position for points with three goals and an assist. I won't be able to maintain it but it was fun while it lasted! Never too old, folks.

8. Finally watching some Amazon Prime. I do pay for it because I love all the free shipping but we might as well enjoy some shows, too! We tried out Jack Ryan and are halfway through the first season. It's the perfect show for us to watch together.

9. Slipper weather. It it so nice to be able to start wearing more layers and mix up the outfits a bit. I really want to go shopping for some new clothes but am trying to get as much wear out of the ones that I have.

10. Booking a trip to the Netherlands! Going to Europe has not been on my "list" for long but with a strong Dutch background (all four of my grandparents) I do feel a pull to finally go. We will be going in July for three weeks and hope to enjoy most of our time in the Netherlands yet also visit France and/or Germany.

11. Babies! My niece had a baby boy and he's a rough start so we are praying that his lungs strengthen up so he can go home soon. My sister is also due with her fourth child in the next month so that is exciting as well.

I hope you had a great week. What is something that YOU are thankful for today?


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  1. Just finished Jack Ryan.
    I would say it was more a Mark show, but I did fully watch the last 3 episodes.