Thursday, March 08, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Last week I felt like I was stressed about life. We still don't know what to do with the "big question" (how long do we continue being a foster family) but will just take it day by day and continue to love on our Baby Girl until she leaves our home. In regards to work, I will keep subbing one day a week (hopefully more next year!). We have a trip to look forward to so that is always uplifting. The weather hasn't been terrible so that helps too. As usual I'm about to practice some gratitude, are you ready?

This week I am thankful for:

1. A crafty kid. I was shocked when I had boys and learned that they did not want to write, colour or draw. I think I was able to bribe Kai into colouring a Transformer and Koen painted his dump trucks. I remember a childhood full of colouring and was sad that they would not follow in my footsteps. Even Nya did not seem very interested until last year and now there's no stopping her! I love it.

2. An office to work in. And comfy sweatpants and Ugg slippers. And scrunchies. Basically a "let's do this" outfit.

3. A rhythm with two babies. It was a harder transition than I thought because they (one foster baby one daycare boy) had different schedules and I had to do a lot of driving for visits and school picks up etc. dragging them both along each and out of car seats and strollers multiple times a day in the rain. Thankfully Gary's on school pick ups now that basketball is done (did I tell you his team won their division in basketball?) and the babies are on the same nap schedule. This is the last month of daycare and then life should be pretty easy with just one baby (and three big kids). My hope is to be able to fit some running in to each day.

4. A visit with our first foster son. The only way I was okay saying goodbye to him was because I knew we would be allowed to stay in his life. His mom and I developed a friendship and she asked that we stay involved. He still calls us Mommy and Daddy and loves to have sleepovers at our home. We do not do it weekly because it's just too busy but we are thankful to see him every few weeks.

5. Movies on Netflix. This week was Breathe and both Gary and I found it interesting learning about the history of polio and ventilators and besides, the actors involved are pretty awesome. PS The Netflix Stream Team that I was part of is no more BUT I will always share my love of Netflix.

6. An independent worker. I cannot think of the last time that I had to help Kai with school work. Like, maybe four years ago? Now, this doesn't mean it's perfect because oh I wish I could correct his grammar but I do appreciate that I don't have to be on him to get his school stuff done he just enjoys it. The reason I have the glue stick is that I was so excited because he asked for my help with layout and then after my "glue fail" (I didn't do the proper X shape of glue on the back) I was relieved of my position.

7. Entertainers for van rides. Our vehicle can be a stressful place as we have some big personalities. Baby is usually pretty good in the van but around nap time obviously gets fussy. The kids are all good at keeping her giggling and laughing. The one place where I notice that five kids would be too much for us is in our minivan. 

8. Hockey. Our boys play so so much. Thankful for it keeping them active and playing together.

9. Book, tea and homemade muffin. Now, that is a great combo!

10. Discount bread. We have a place in Langley that has loaves of bread, bagels and wraps nearing expiry for $1.65. I put them in our upright freezer so we are good for the month. Such a good money saver!

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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