Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday time, friends! I'm getting a bit tired of this routine so I wonder if there's a way to spice it up and keep it fun to write – ideas?  That said, this is what I am thankful for this week:

1. A summer off. In our entire marriage (12 years), we have never had a summer without work! We've always brought in additional income through marking provincials (years ago), tutoring, painting, doing wedding photography and kept busy with fostering (the past 2 years). It feels AMAZING to have so much freedom right now. I feel like our kids are growing up so quickly at this stage and I truly enjoy being with them and want to spend quality time with them especially since they still don't mind hanging out with us. Kai is turning 11 this year so in four more years he will be working in the summers and may not be able to travel with us.

2. This girl. Oh man, does she make me smile! Whenever she hears music she starts dancing and embarrasses her brothers. When I take a photo she's got to put her hands on her hips. She is growing up so quickly these days. "Five year olds like hot sauce" "Five year olds don't need a nightlight" "Five year olds don't need to wear a skirt everyday" (you have no idea how many tears were shed this year over HAVING to wear a skirt or dress every single day) etc. She needs me for less and less each and every day and it's so bittersweet.

3. Three kids. I always imagined myself with three and I'm thankful it's a reality. There are many times I wish that we had another little girl to balance things out but there is 0% chance we will have our own so it will depend on whether there is a foster-to-adopt situation in the future which we are open to but not actively searching for. I find three is a tricky number as they usually just play well with two at a time so they rotate who is playing with a sibling and who is alone.

4. Relaxing on the beach. I know I look ridiculous but this moment was awesome. It was early morning and I was drinking my coffee and reading my book while the kids played on the beach. If you ever camp in Tofino, bring layers!

5. Showers. Do you see how gross and dirty we are?! I don't love showers while camping because I don't like walking to those stalls and having short uncomfortable showers so we wait until we're at a hotel to have a good one. This is also why we don't camp for more than a few days at a time with kids. Those kids were rolling in the sand non stop and our tent was basically a sandbox.

6. Nya's girl cousins. She truly craves that connection and loves playing with Georgia and Hannah. PS Notice the hand on the hip? I told you!

7. A kid who sees things differently. Yes, why not look through the viewfinder backwards? Also, when looking at tide pools, instead of looking in, he was looking at the shape of the pool itself. The questions he ask make me smile too. A frequent one is "Mom, what would you and dad do without any kids? Just sit on the couch and watch TV eating chips?"–he's truly curious (and I have no idea what it would be like without kids as we got pregnant with Kai just 6 months into our marriage).

8. Sunsets. Oh, how I love a good sunset! This one was from Parksville.

9. A husband who is on board with all of my ideas. I run everything by him but almost always he's like "Yes, that's a good idea". The only two things he is uncomfortable with that I am still adamant about are capris and a garbage bag in the car.

10. A great trip! If you didn't read about it, you can right here. Also, our next big one (to Waterton, AB and Yellowstone National Park) is in less than two weeks!

Thinking of all those affected by the wildfires. It's hard enough to watch on the TV, I can't imagine the limbo that so many people are in right now. We have good friends in Williams Lake and I'm thankful that so far all is okay up there. 

What is something you are thankful for today?


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  1. Haha, #9! I hate camping showers too... better to wait for a nice clean one!