Monday, July 17, 2017

Me-Time for Moms

Who needs "me time"? Everyone! Whether it's being consumed by work or family or both, a little time for yourself is just what we often need. Netflix surveyed moms and found the various reasons why they need their Netflix shows and I would say that I most agree with two of them: Get peace and quiet to decompress alone and take a break from daily routine. Gary's breaks usually involve games like Star Wars Commander or watching sports.

According the survey, 58% of moms are sneaking TV "me time" throughout the day in a variety of locations from laundry (that's me) to making dinner (sometimes me) to walking the dog (not me–we don't have one but I don't think I would do it while outdoors).

One place not mentioned in the infographic is when I'm editing photos– I love to have a show going then. Anyone else spend time editing photos these days or are you mostly a camera phone person?  As for the list of What Mom's Are Sneaking, can you believe I've never seen Grey's Anatomy? I'm saving it for when I finish up The Fosters and Switched at Birth. During the summer I prefer to spend a lot of time outdoors but once the fall and winter come around I'll have more time to watch. I think.

Where do you fit in some Netflix time throughout the day? Or do you just wait until the evening whent the kids are in bed? If you are looking for two good movies, Gary and I just watched Hacksaw Ridge (beware it is a war movie so it is violent) and Draft Day. If you have other movie suggestions I would love to hear them! Happy "Me Time" to you this week.


{I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam and receive certain perks for sharing about my love for Netflix each month. Opinions are my own.}

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