Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Eating out as a family. Our kids are at the age where we can actually do that! We had three hours of family time and it involved a trip to White Spot. It was lovely and I wish we could eat out more often but that wouldn't be so great for our food budget...

2. My team. Gary and I are not in the best place right now due to our insanely busy schedules with sports, work and five kids (three of which have some extra needs!). So ya. We know that this is a phase and within a month-ish we'll be back to "normal" and able to focus on us.

3. Spring. Flowers. Sun. Beauty.

4. My birthday girl. Okay, so it's a month away but I need to start planning. She just wants to play classic birthday games at our home so I should probably start thinking about dates etc. I know I'm biased because she's mine but isn't she so sweet?!

5. Grandparents. Our kids are fortunate to have two sets of grandparents who love them. I'm thankful that Gary's parents were able to watch Kai run in Abbotsford as they live so close. 

6. We are getting a pet! We set up our tank this past weekend and are just waiting for it all to stabilize and will add two guppies and three neon tetras to the mix this weekend. Nya is naming hers Princess Sparkles. I know a fish is the boringest pet and in theory I'd love a cat or dog but I know my energy is not sufficient for more chaos and I worry about finding pet sitters for vacations...

7. My Kai Bear. This kid rocks. I've realized that he needs us for so little and therefore tends to get very little attention which isn't a great thing.  He also doesn't want hugs or physical affection so it's tricky to spend that time together. But, when I get him alone in the car, wow, can he start talking. I love it. I am so thankful that he is strong and healthy and loves to push his body to do the best that he can. I also appreciate that he is now a dedicated flosser. Ahem. Cavities. 

8. Books. I'm reading The Girl with Seven Names right now which has taught me a lot about North Korea. I love reading. I wish I had one hour to read and one hour to work out per day (like before 8 PM when I'm too tired to move). I think that next year I just might!

9. Dinner with my sisters, dad and Joanne. We went out on Tuesday as my dad is flying to Alaska (again) soon so we could say goodbye. It's also a time to remember my mom as the anniversary of her death is next week. I appreciate that we will always do our best to keep our family a priority and not let issues come between us. We are all different yet have common goals. Yay for family.

10. Koen making me laugh. He's trying to hold Gary's eyes open so he doesn't blink for the photo and then Koen ends up blinking. He always makes me smile.

Don't forget to practice gratitude! What are you thankful for today?


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  1. #4 - it is not just because you are biased - she is extremely sweet looking!
    #5 - nice to have grandparent support in person (this makes me a little sad that we won't be able to watch our grandson's activities much) - I think Kai looks a bit like his Grandma Chapman