Thursday, April 06, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I'm starting to write this on Monday because it will probably take me all week to get to all ten! We added two more little kids to our home last week at the start of hockey season for the boys so it's been...busy. This is what I am thankful for this week:

1. Motivation to workout and be more aware of what I'm eating. I'm doing a program called Healthy Role Models. I don't like to promote something until I know it's all good so I will give you feedback on it (and possibly do a post with before and after photos etc). I've been great at working out in the past but I usually just do my steady runs on the treadmill; it was time to add intervals and weights. I've noticed a difference in just one week. And yes, the weights in the photo are just 5lbs–I wanted to get the technique down first ;)

2. Room in our home. We are supposed to be a relief home for six months just taking kids for a few days when foster parents go away or need a break...and, well, we were called to take in two children. So we did under the impression that it would be short term (like a week until they were able to secure a long term home) and we feel misled because it's going to be longer. The reason we can only do this temporarily is we cannot provide all that is needed at this time based on our family (needs/scheduling/mental health etc) and the children's higher needs. This has made us all realize how much we miss our "original" Little One. We were supposed to have a sleepover with LO but now have no room. These two love playing outside and I'm glad that they can be together. PS It is not about the money but seriously the pay is incredibly low which I think is a deterrent for people to foster; less than $2/hour is pretty ridiculous, right? That money is to be used to pay for clothes, diapers, gas, food, milk etc so really, it's more like $1/hour. It has to be a heart decision but it is so hard when you feel unappreciated/undervalued. Can you tell I'm tired? ;) Oops, this is supposed to be thankful AND I should be encouraging you to foster so on to the next one...

3. A yard. Our yard is teeny tiny but it has a trampoline, flower beds full of dirt, and rocks to dig in. There is a cement pad for ride on cars as well. It works!

4. Nya Bear doing well at the pediatric dentist. She had to be sedated and then had crowns and fillings done. They also made a gap between her front teeth because there was a cavity there so this prevents food from sitting there. She handled it pretty well and apparently slept through it! I was in the other room (they make you leave) so I had no idea how she was doing. She was pretty irritable afterwards because of how her mouth felt but I'm proud of her.  Also, taking care of the other two afterwards while Nya was trying to rest on the couch was not ideal. Anyone interested in doing relief? For real. It just requires a criminal record check if you are doing it in our home.

5. I won a Fitbit Alta! I have been a Fitbit fan for two years now but unfortunately they have not lasted me long as I'm on my third one. I love how it helps me with accountability though but wasn't sure if I could invest in a new one. Well, problem solved: I won one on Facebook. Yahoo. Looking forward to seeing how awesome the Alta is. PS Remember how I won that GoPro Session? It died on us in Grand Turk less than a month after getting it. I'm currently contacting them as I know GoPro has wonderful products and this was an anomaly.

6. Sleeeeeeep. Our two kiddos sleep. Yahoo! They nap for an hour a day and go to sleep by 8 PM (up at 6 AM). This is so needed otherwise I actually would not be okay.

7. Veggies. Meals. Shopping etc. Friends have offered their help without asking me in so many great ways. From food to shoes and pants to flowers to encouragement to chocolate (which Gary did find). I am a lucky lady. 

8. Signs of Spring.  This bloom is from a blueberry!

9. Musicals. Music is not my forte. I played piano for years and also the clarinet in band but it's not a passion. I'm glad that my kids get that experience at school still! Kai was in the school musical and it was fun to watch but I was not allowed to take pictures (according to him). So, just picture a guy in a cool 60's costume, shades, playing the guitar.

10. Koen's first hockey game. We have hockey 5 days a week now. It's wild. It's a lot. They love it and Gary and I are big hockey fans, too (well, me playing). It has been made difficult with two other kids that are tricky to have out in public but we are committed! Koey scored the first goal of the game in his first game!!! And it wasn't a fluke, it was beautiful. Such a proud mom. I cried. Of course.

Okay, there ya go! I hope you had a wonderful week and I'd love to hear what you are thankful for today.



  1. Somehow I don't think any foster placement is "short term". Hope you can make it work - your health and your family come first (this may sound selfish, but that is what I think). Great you won a new Fitbit - I got myself one and am really enjoying it. As well as seeing my steps, I also like being able to see my heart rate and sleeping patterns.

    1. Definitely never actually "short" but we were hoping a new home would come available so that the kids wouldn't have to transition after attaching to us :( And I agree-my health and family come first so I'm trying to figure out how to make this all work. I'm excited you're on Fitbit! I may have to friend you there.

    2. I would never be able to come close to the steps that you get in! Speaking of which, I had better get out for a walk!