Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Being a Mom of Boys

When we were pregnant with our first child and found out it was a boy, I cried. I mean, pregnancy hormones made me cry about almost anything anyway, but I was afraid. I am the oldest of five girls and I didn't know if I had what it took to raise a boy. Sure, I had male cousins around me growing up and babysat boys, but other than that--was I equipped? I didn't even like watching Star Wars!

Over the years, I have come to really love having sons (ages six and nine now.) More than that, I feel like I was made to be a mom of boys. They are wildly energetic, enthusiastic, and open to almost all physical activity. I've gotten comfortable with their sense of humour (note that I didn't say I find it funny) and have learned about a whole new world that involves everything from Transformers to excavators to the Argentinosauraus.

Their zest for meal time does not go unnoticed. My six-year-old's one request for lunch the other day was "I'd love anything except for a brie, mushroom and avocado sandwich." I think I can manage that. Our food bill will never be small, especially with one child known as "The Garburator", but I enjoy seeing them devour everything on their plate.

Their love for sports statistics makes me smile as does their easy-going nature in regards to what they wear; can they run, climb and jump in it with ease? Yes? Then it's all good. Although I love their eager and rough-and-tumble selves, I am so thankful for their sensitive side, too. They like their cuddles with mom on the couch.  They will often hold my hand on a family walk. A wrestling cuddling combination with their dad is a daily occurrence. Around the dinner table they enjoy talking about their highs and lows. My favourite part? Seeing their sweet side with one another and their little sister.

This morning my nine-year-old said, "Mom, can I make waffles with Nya?" Yes, he knows how to make waffles, and yes, he wants to include his little sister. When I pointed out it was just 10 am, he said, "Well, I can make them and put them in the freezer for you for later." Helpful. Thoughtful.

Big brother helping bake

Just an hour later (after I secretly snacked on a chocolate chip waffle bound for the freezer) they were playing "The Friend Train" together. Creative. Sweet. Inclusive.

Being a mom of boys

To any parents who are overwhelmed with the cars, LEGO's, and hockey sticks strewn around their house – I hear you.  To those that are tired of the fart jokes, holes in jeans, and smelly running shoes –I get it.  Just know that these special little guys will start turning into men right in front of your eyes.  You know what I think about that?  It's pretty sweet...and a bit smelly.

To parents of a boy or two or three: What has been your favourite part of having boys?


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  1. For each of my pregnancies I must be honest and confess that I secretly hoped for a girl. I ended up with 3 sons and of course now I would not trade them for any girl! Watching them grow into wonderful men is a delight for me. I was just out with my youngest son this morning applying for a new passport - his last one was still the children's one and I commented to him that we are now all done with children's passports and that he will be on his own to renew (and pay for!) his adult one in 10 years!!

    1. My dad, who probably wanted a son, said the same thing (who would he possibly trade? no one, of course!) So cool that you get to see your sons become men now, I look forward to that too but am appreciating this time while they're still little :)

  2. Now that we have Henry, I really hope #2 is a boy! I would actually love 4 boys :)

    1. That would be awesome in a wild way--I have two friends with 4 boys and it is pretty cool! And loud.

    2. Anonymous1:34 AM

      We were told we were having a girl with Myles and I was super excited because we wanted a girl. I was sent away for an hour during my ultrasound and when I came back, she changed her mind and told us we were having a boy. My response "Oh, okay". Now that we have Myles I love having a boy. He is pretty great. I would still love a girl the next time around to experience both but I think I would be happy with two boys.

      Lynn W.

  3. Been a long time Lou - glad to see your kids growing up so nicely and LO settling in. I laughed - Tye used to be called the Garburator or Grumble Guts. They sure can eat! That said, Kivani ate four cobs of corn the other night, so I'm not sure its a boy thing. I can sure out-eat Simon!