Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kai's 9th Birthday Party

Kai Bear had his 9th birthday party this past weekend.  Last year we had an Amazing Race themed one which he really enjoyed.   This year, we had a little less time and energy so we had a low-key hockey party and everyone still had a lot of fun.  I have to admit that birthday parties at his age are a little less exciting for me but he loves it and it was a great opportunity to get together with friends that he hasn't seen over the summer. 

I'm only including photos without other kids' faces so it looks like he's sort of partying alone.  He had seven friends from school come which was great--summer birthdays are tricky, believe me, I know!

They played hockey, soccer and marbles.  The marbles were Kai's idea; I actually have no idea how to play but Gary taught them all.  Then they took home their own marble set.

Due to a sick Little One, Gary had to do the whole party himself and did a wonderful job.  I walked down to deliver the pizza and to join in the singing of  Happy Birthday.  Yes, a candle in an ice cream sandwich--he's not a big fan of cake.

I'm glad that he was so happy with such a simple (and cheap!) party.  I really enjoy seeing my kids being active and having fun with their friends.

Oh, and the bonus?  I didn't have to clean up any mess at our own house!  Do you have any other simple (and affordable) birthday party ideas?



  1. This is a great party idea! I find girl parties easy easy easy. They entertain themselves and don't need much supervision. Boys, however...
    Last year we did a hockey party in the church gym which was good but still, the rental cost was more than I wanted. I have been trying to think what to do (other than Extreme AirPark, Castle Fun Park, or equally expensive outings), but maybe going to the park and playing soccer/baseball/football near the playground would be the way to go. Simple and open spaces for boys is the way to go!

    1. The outdoor hockey was great but we knew we needed a few other activities in case someone else got to the hockey box first as we couldn't book it :) I think most boys love just being active! Good to know about the girls!

  2. I would totally take an ice cream sandwich over cake!

    When my brother was Kai's age my mom rented the primary school gym and they went wild with all the equipment. He's born in November so going outside wasn't an option!

    1. Katrina!! I wonder if they still do that..probably, right? Koen's birthday is in January!!

    2. One of my son's went to a bday party that was held immediately after school and held in the gym. It was perfect! (that was just last year.) I don't know if it's cheaper than doing it at a rec centre gym, but worth looking into. Totally convenient if all of the friends go to the same school too!

  3. Happy birthday, Kai! It looks like a great birthday party!

    I had forgotten that our boys are so close in age! How neat! My Bryn turned 9 on the 8th.