Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1.  My sister being healthy.   She found a lump. In her breast. Ya.  After various tests and a biopsy, over a couple of weeks, we found out this past week that SHE IS FINE!  Yahoo, never been happier to hear the world `Galactocele'.  She posted about it here which means I can share it here :)

2. Holding hands with Nya.  I'm not sure how much longer she will want to hold my hand but for now, we hold hands `nicely' (fingers intertwined) often.

3.  Wooden letter puzzles.  The kids have all loved this Melissa and Doug letter puzzle...learning shapes and letters and words.  It was a great gift, auntie K :)  PS Look at all of her hair! Yahoo!

4.  Being able to buy a new laptop. I've put it off for as long as possible because I don't like spending money on electronics and we have THREE laptops already between us (one is really old and just a travel one, one is for Gary's work, and the other one is mine that is barely holding on).  Mine was overheating, even with a Themaltake underneath, and could no longer use Lightroom because of that.  I've had to edit half on Gary's computer (Lightroom) then transfer to mine and continue with Photoshop.  Not ideal.  Found one at Costco for an acceptable price.   Having a business is expensive with insurance, and license and gear and gas etc so I'm continously thankful for the brides and grooms that come our way!

5. A fabulous last family session.  Very bittersweet but it was such a great session to end on.  The weather was gorgeous and the family was so kind, loving and cute :)

6.  A playroom!  I know, I kind of said this last week but now it's set up.  I do daycare 1-2 times a week (half days) so it's so nice to have this area to play in on rainy days.  The kids hang out down here for hours.  The other end has the couches, tv, Wii, tool set and a car race track.

7.  Free scooters!  A neighbour of ours moved and left behind two scooters!  One for Nya, one for Koen.  We have gotten some pretty awesome finds from our neighbours.  By the way, it took about 10 hours (okay, 10 minutes) to get to the mailbox as it was slightly uphill but she really flew on the way home!

8.  Craft time.  Okay, I'm not super crafty but I found this bench on the side of the road.  I painted it, put a new cushion on and recovered it.  I used cheaper fabric because I didn't want to invest into something if it didn't work out.  I think it's cute and it even opens up with storage underneath!  Now, where to put it...

9.  Flannel sheets. So cozy. So warm.

10. An awesome mother.  Seriously. Imagine a little cheerleader sitting on your shoulder your whole life saying `You can do it!' `I'm proud of you!'.  I miss her so much but am so thankful that she was mine.

{Shirt from SHE IS clothing.  Former student. Awesome young woman.}

Thank you to all of you who have said you enjoy my `Thankful Thursdays'.  Sometimes I wonder if I sounds too cheesy or something.  I'm not a `Yahoo! Life is awesome!' kind of person all the time but I do try to choose to look at the positives, even if there are silly things like free finds and puzzles.



  1. So crafty Louise! great job on that bench (& great find from the side of the road!)

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Don't you just LOVE having a daughter!! I can't believe the sweetness they exude. Emmie is only 8 months but the bond that we share is so indescribably special. I just can't get enough of her :) I look forward to hand holding and tea parties in the future!


  3. I love what you did with that bench!

  4. Suzanne10:12 AM

    Yay for #1 !

  5. Awesome bench with storage! Love the colour of paint that you chose. I really like your girly nook of the playroom. Thank you for writing these posts every week. I really enjoy them and they remind me to be thankful for the little and big things in life!

  6. What I love about the photo within a photo with your mom is that it's partly because of having such an amazing mother that you are strong, and that your kids will be also. I just wish that every child had the opportunity to be raised by wonderful parents like you and Gary. I am continually shocked by the family situations in my small prairie town of only 15,000 people. I just had a girl in grade 1 this week, when colouring a page about how she plays with her family, say that she doesn't play with her family because her mom is always working- no books, no playgrounds, no games, etc. Another child in Pre-K a few months ago said he had no crayons at home to colour with. It breaks my heart.

  7. Maria, Katrina & Kelsey-thanks! It was way easier than I thought to paint it (chalk paint) and then apparently I sort of know how to recover something! Now I'm on the lookout for cool furniture everywhere, even though we have nowhere to put it :)
    Brianne-yes. So much. She brings me so much joy. The boys bring a whole other dimension which makes me laugh, I'm very thankful for them all!
    Nancy-must be so hard to hear that. As we are going through the fostering process (education right now), I have a feeling that my heart will be breaking a lot too.

  8. Bethany G10:08 PM

    I LOVE that bench! If I saw that on the side of the road, I would've grabbed it too! It looks great!

    And I'm totally with you on #9 - I love my fleece sheets, so comfy!