Friday, October 24, 2014

Frugal Friday

I would say that one of the biggest ways we save money is buying our kid's clothes second hand.   I have a few `go to' places where I do this:

1.  Buying & selling on buy/sell/swap sites online (facebook).   It's great if you are looking for a specific item, a `lot' of clothes, or want to get a specific price on an item.  I usually pay about $2-5 per item and only purchase from someone who lives within 5 minutes as it's not worth it in gas to go further.

2.  Buying & selling on craigslist.  You can buy or sell whole lots of clothes.  Usually the younger the child, the better the condition of the clothes as they grow out of them so quickly.  I do find that once kids get to Kai's age (8) they are in better condition again as maybe the child didn't like the clothes or grew so quickly that they are barely worn.  I used to do this more before the good old days of facebook :)

3.  Go to a store like `Once Upon A Child'.  This is better if you don't have much time but they won't give you as much money for your items.  Usually they will go through it right away and quote you a price on the items they will accept within an hour.  They need to be wrinkle free (and clean, obviously). I sometimes shop there if if I am looking for a specific item as they have quite a large amount of clothes in one place.  Consignment stores are also pretty good to shop at!

4. Shop at Value Village on 50% off day.  Well, actually, get your Super Savers Club card and shop the day BEFORE 50% off day and still get 50% off.  I don't get much there as I don't think the quality is very good but I have found a few key items in the past like good runners for the boys.

5. Swap with someone who needs clothes too.  My sister had a girl then a boy.  I had boys and then a girl.  We swap a lot of our kids clothes!

6.  Attend a kids swap meet.  I used to do this when I just had Kai but now I prefer the ease of the internet as it's a bit wild there!

7.  You can also buy brand new and look for end of season deals.  I bought their winter coats for this year at the end of the season last year at 70% off.

Any other tips to add in this department?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Old Navy and Gap both have great deals when they discount their clearance rack. Old Navy regularly marks their clearance to an additional 50% off. I've gotten some great deals on new clothes that way - at thrift store prices.

  2. VV isn't too bad... I'm just a brand snob so I know what I'm looking for there! I think it also depends on which VV it is. I've always had good luck at the one in Langley but my mom prefers the one on King George. It also depends on which day you're there. Some days I find oodles and other days it's a bust (which is probably a good thing for my bank account). I also love 50% off day! I can never make it on the Sunday so I battle the others on the Monday. Thanks for your tips!