Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1. A sister on a maternity leave!  Nya, Koen and Isaac had a great time running around together at Redwood Park.  

2. Pigtails. I may have been thankful for them in the past but seriously, NYA HAS HAIR!!

3.  Free family fun at Science World.  I went in with low expectations (I thought it would be busy and the kids would complain) and was really impressed! 

4.  Moments where Koen and Nya show their love in a quiet way.  Yay,they do hug!

5.  Gary coming home tonight!  He's been hiking Garibaldi Lake with his LEAD class and I've been subbing for him this week so it has been a tad bit crazy.  Thankfully the kids are healthy which makes a huge difference (compared to when they got the flu when he's been gone before. Twice).  Last night was probably the worst as I had to take all three kids to climbing lessons when Nya had been up since 5:30am (no nap) and was so grumpy at tired the whole time there. 

Yes, a bit overwhelming with them wearing the same colour in this picture. Oops!

6.  Siblings.  I love that these three have each other.  I do sort of wish Nya had a sister but she'll just have to do with having her mom as her buddy when she's older :) 

7.  Starting our Foster Parent Training!  Finally!!!!!!  We just got the information and it starts in three weeks.  Unfortunately it coincides with Kai's climbing lessons so hopefully we can figure out a solution for that.  I hope to share a lot more about the process because I think the more you learn about something, the more it becomes a feasible option for some!

8. Sushi with Kai Bear.  Kai and I had the chance to get sushi and eat it together while watching Amazing Race.  He LOVED spending that time with me and having sushi as we don't get it often.  I really need to go on more mother/son dates with my boys!  Kai was extra cuddly with a few extra `I love you mom!''s in there.  It was great.  I really should have gone for sushi with brown time.

9. Our storage ottoman.  We have all the baby toys in there so it doesn't get opened much anymore.  One day I'll have a nice coffee table, but for now, in order to prevent stitches, this 8 year old soft ottoman works well!   It is a jumping platform, a ninja warrior obstacle, and something comfy to lay on when watching tv together.  Oh ya, and it hides a whole bunch of toys.

10. No spiders found in the basement while Gary was gone.  This might sound crazy, but seriously, we've found some huge guys down there.  I just avoided the basement as much as possible while he was gone because what I can't see won't hurt me!  

I hope you had a wonderful week.  



  1. yes, those pigtails are incredibly cute! I miss the cuteness of little ones....8 year old, long pigtails don't work the same :)

    sushi...mmm...great mom/kid date idea :)

  2. I love it Louise! Great post. super cute kids. fun honesty. love love...

    but brown rice? really? there are some pleasures worth hanging on to ;)

  3. Our basement gets huge spiders too! I hate it - I try to avoid going down there in the dark for fear of stepping on one :)

  4. Kelly-no idea why we hadn't done it earlier! We don't go as a family often because so much $$ but with one kid, totally works!
    Kerri-I've never tried the brown rice sushi but you're probably right :)
    Laura-oh man, the big ones are so scary!! I usually put a bucket on top of them and wait for Gary to get home. Can't handle it.