Saturday, December 16, 2006

What are the Chapman's up to on a Sat night?

So, let's see. Today we went to JYSK (10X better service than the Brick...and by better service, I just mean faster service, I get a little impatient sometimes) and got a buffet thingy which we have wanted since we've moved in. It matches our table perfectly and will take out some of the clutter from our kitchen. Here's a picture of Gary in the 3rd hour of putting it together while watching the hockey game. Kai and I encouraged him with some singing which included how wonderful and manly he was putting together the buffet.
Well, I got a slow cooker for Christmas and I'm `accidentally' using it already. So far I've made cheesecake brownies in it as well as a tuna lasagne (not at the same time, dont' worry!). It's pretty fun and I look forward to many more meals in it. You see, sometimes Kai is best in the morning so I'd love to make meals at that time and then have a perfectly warm meal when Gary comes home from work. Such a great housewife
I am.

What else? Hmmmm...I've been reading a bit more lately. A little Maeve Binchy and Karen Kingsbury...good times:)

Tomorrow my sisters and I are getting together to make croquettes and oliebolen (spelling is prob. off)...good old Dutch Christmas tradition...

That's about it! Kai is doing so wonderfully, he goes down for his naps and night time sleep so well now. He's discovered his thumb which took a lot of work on his part because he was always so jerky with his movements. I think he's so cute when he's sucking it and I think that I will prob. have tears of joy in my eyes every time he reaches a new stage. He is sitting on his own for a few seconds and should be able to do it longer very soon. I can't imagine him talking or walking or playing sports or instruments...I don't know how I'm going to be able to hold in the tears from being so proud of him.


  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I have a slowcooker on the way too! Send me the good recipes ok?

  2. I agree...Kaiser bun is very very cute! HOw about I take him as a house-warming present? ... (for an hour). :)

  3. Kaiser pewking on was sooo priceless. Don't worry nut, not as bad when it's your own. Louise--looks like your house is getting quite full with furniture. Just wait...kaiser will have fun racing around it soon enough.