Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dessert and Letters

The other night I made a pear and walnut yummy all warm from the oven with some vanilla icecream. Wow, I love dessert. A lot. I just went through all my letters from when I was in Kenya. Now, I just have to organize them all in a binder or something. It was 2 years ago that I just had a few weeks before coming back to Canada and seeing Gary, (oh, and my family) and boy was I excited. I was climibing Kilimanjaro with Lynette and we were continuously checking our heart rates making sure all was good:) (We made it to the top by the way, no problemo. The couple we were with made it as well although it wasn't so pretty for them with vomitting and asthma attacks etc)
Did I mention that I love dessert? Especially when there is a hot/cold combo. Gary made me a chocolate pudding cake when he taste buds couldn't really concentrate on how good it was because I was so excited.

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