Sunday, December 10, 2006

This weekend

These pictures are from my sisters blog and they were taken at lunch today as mentioned below.
So this weekend Kai and I went to watch Gary's bball team in their first tournament. Kai loved watching every minute of it and didn't mind missing a nap. My sister Jantina also came to a game and is quite sure that Gary would love to have her taking stats. On Saturday night, we celebrated 4 birthdays in the extended Chapman family. Today, the whole Dekens clan went to the Beacher Street Cafe at Crescent Beach to remember my mom as this would have been her 54th birthday. My mom and dad LOVED walking there, I think our whole family loves the ocean as we grew up boating/fishing every summer (by the way, Kai's name means ocean). A couple of us went to the Langley Hospice society this week as they had a evening to remember those that had lost loved ones recently and I thought they did a wonderful job. One of the techniques they taught us to get through grief is to take a deep breathe in and out and then hug someone for 3 whole breaths in and out. This makes you really think and feel about the person you are hugging, recognizing how precious they are to you. Gary gets lots of long hugs now. Oh ya, tonight I went to a cookie exchange. You know, you bring 6 dozen cookies and exchange them with others and then you get a whole huge assortment...I better get back to running again!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Its great to take time and remember those who mean the most to us. Its been a year today since my grandma past away. I hope that you found comfort in being surrounded by the ones you love today. Blessings.

  2. Dang... can I come turn the next cookie exchange into a cookie sampling? that's a lot of cookies in one spot... aren't you guys scared some college kids are going to come and hold up the cookie exchange and leave you traumatized and cookieless? Maybe you shouldn't tell me when the next one is... I have hungry friends. Everyone here is scavenging in the cafeteria. People run to intercept the woman on the way to the garbage can with half a plate of left over rice! It's sometimes quite entertaining.