Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Santa hats already?!

Kai and Annika...opa was dressing them up.
They are actually santa hats but they just look like crazy white wigs.


  1. I like your guy's map thing about where everyone who visits your blog is from... kinda neat, good work Gary. Oh and Gary you might need to start putting a lock on the camera case when you go to work... this is getting out of hand. lol. I'm just joking louise I love the pictures. You should take more of Gary... I like monitoring the way that you're revolutionizing his wardrobe. The hat was a nice touch :)

  2. Hello Chapmans, some pretty good looking kids you guys got there...are you sure they are yours cause well the kids just look alot better than the two of you. J/k, I just stumbled on you blog and thought I'd say hi. Take care,
    Petee B

  3. Stewart;
    a: I did the map thing
    b: I know I take too many pictures...at least there has been a break now as we were without power for 72 hours!

  4. Louise! you did the map! I'm impressed...
    Your scrap book must be enormous :p