Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Flag Football Team

So, our season ends this Saturday with the playoffs. We are currently 3rd in our league which isn't bad. We've been playing together for 4 seasons and have come together withall different connections. Initially, it was people that I knew from residence advising at UBC and then a couple friends that teach with me at FVC, but, it has grown since then. It's just a lot of fun to get out there every Saturday to socialize and get a work out. I had to miss last season due to being 6 months pregnant, but, this season I made it just in time and was able to start playing 6 weeks after he was born! It's also nice because on Saturday's Gary and Kai get to have some father-son bonding time for about 4 hours (and I get some me time!!) This was Kai's second time seeing me play (as if he actually sees anything but a big blur out there). I think Gary will have to, oh I mean `get to', come to the playoffs this weekend, so he can take care of our little guy and cheer us on.

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