Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do I look like him?

Here's me and my dad when I was 3 months old (on the left)...on the right we have Kai, do I look like him at all?

Below is a picture of me at Kai's age with my mom. It's weird to think of my mom being a mother to me when I was his age...did she blow on my belly and cheeks to make me laugh? Did she bake cookies while I was in the jolly jumper? Did I like to watch tv? Did I like to be moving all the time or was I fine just cuddling? How did she do cloth diapers all the time (I use about 50% of the time)?, When did I sit up by myself? When did I start solids? When did I sleep through the night? It's been 6 1/2 months since mom's been gone and I miss her. I wish I could've asked her about motherhood.

Here's a picture of me and mom was I was 3 years old.


  1. Kai looks just like you, no questions asked. I see you guys playing bball in that park sometimes. Its a nice little park to walk through!

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    On the top picture you can sure see that he has your smile, with those amazing dimples. So sweet!


  3. i was actually mistaken for a boy for the first year of my life so lets just say kai looks like a boy. Louise

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Adam's dumb

  5. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Louise, he looks like he is well loved just as you were.
    Some of your ?s i can answer
    yes cloth diapers --how did she do it--she made me help alllll the time. mom always liked doing few things at a time including and especially cooking and or baking.
    You watched very little TV as we had no cable and mom didn't like TV much except for news of course!She was pretty busy but she always found time for the important stuff and since you were the first born you received a fair degree of her attention.She loved to read and read you many stories .You and your sisters brought much joy/fulfillment to our lifes hence the smiles.It is such a blessing to see this joy relected in your faces/lifes--enjoy.