Saturday, July 29, 2006

Girls Dessert Night

Me at 9, will I ever do this again?! How much longer will I be like this for?! I think I'm baby?! Every morning I wake up and I'm suprised I haven't gone into labour throughout the night. I just don't think there is any more room left inside to grow! Have you ever thought about what happens to your internal organs while pregnant? Like, where are my lungs now? Where does my stomach get squished to? I def. know what happens to your bladder, that's for sure!

These are 5 of the girls from our care group at Southridge. I think one of the best things in a church is being part of a small group. We talked about our summers, ultrasounds, and make up (which I realized I really know nothing about)....good times. I enjoyed some ice cream. Oh, it had a caramel sauce:)

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  1. Did you have dessert for may be the last time, you never know. Enjoy the excuse while it lasts.