Friday, July 14, 2006


I had to steal this picture off of my sister's blog. This is the new dock up at Green Lake...the site of many future talks while dangling feet in the water... Isn't Annika the happiest cutest baby ever? (well, until ours is born of course!). Talking about that, we are down 3 weeks now...this baby better not be overdue. I admire anyone who's ever gone through this whole pelvic widening, stomach stretching, digestive system disruptor (oh the acid reflux...), hormonal rollercoaster. Although a super amazing, absoutely unbelievable process, I'm ready to meet the little one that keeps me up all night long as this baby doesn't come on July 28th, we've got a wedding to go to! (Ali Handy and Joel Kooger)


  1. My babies have both been happy cute babies, so having Kris and Maria's baby be that way just know that they all are so yours will be too! This time leading up to the due date seems the longest, but remember to enjoy the sensation of your little one in you will probably miss that one day. And, I always found it weird to be wishing for labour...May yours be short (although not too short...that causes some problems too) and uncomplicated. Take care.

  2. What a cutie... I hate to break it to you though Louise, you're going to have a tough time balancing Chapman out, even with all your cuteness. I'm not saying impossible, but definitely difficult.