Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thankful Thursday Fall Edition

 Hi friends! Wow, so I  was a faithful blogger for about ten years and then took a break while going back to work teaching. Every time I log onto here to update it in some way, the platform/dashboard is so different and I feel myself aging rapidly. I do love having updates here for several reasons:

1. I love seeing what we were doing so it is easier to make our photobooks.

2. If anything ever happened to me, my kids would have a record of sorts. That said, I am really trying to limit personal information about them because, well, the Internet is a wild place and I want their consent on all I post.

Well, it's Thursday so you know what that means: Thankful Thursday. This is what I am thankful for this week:

Thankful Thursday

1. Koen has his first job! He has a paper route of 60+ houses that he does once a week. He isn't able to do it on his own but it's a great job to spend some time in the outdoors together. He got his first paycheque this week for $28/month. He is different than Kai...he doesn't put his money in the bank right now, he likes to spend it. 

2. I'm done teaching! This year I went down to 29% and that looked like full time for ten weeks. It was busy but totally fine because Gary was able to do the pick up and drop off of the kids which gave me so much more time and energy each day. It probably also helped that our extra curricular was pretty much non-existent other than school volleyball practices for Kai. I am so proud of myself for teaching 50 kids each day. I had two three-hour classes and wore a mask for it all. I also had three At Home Learners who I worked with. There was a lot more technology involved and I'm grateful every student made it through well and we had a good time together. I often wonder if I'm ready to retire (I know, I'm only 42) but then I hear all of the words of affirmation from my students and they make me feel like I'm one-of-a-kind :) 

3. Kinley Cuddles Chapman. Everyone is wild about this cat. Okay, not Gary but he does like it when she curls up on him. Best thing to come of out Covid.

4. Kids that love reading. I'm only referring to Nya and Koen but they read for at least two hours a day minimum. I have to tell Koen to stop reading or he gets all cramped up from not changing positions. Love it!

5. A hike with Gary. We did Mount Frosty a few weeks ago to see the Golden Larches. It was not an easy hike but it was beautiful. Definitely feeling my age.

6. Sushi with sisters. We met before the current stage we're in Covid-wise. We each had our own take out sushi containers, went for a walk and sat around the fire. I really miss that the kids can't see their cousins but there's just so many of them we can't risk it. Realllllly hoping they can see each other outside for Christmas. 

7. Books. This was a great audiobook. 4/5. I can't get into my Goodreads account for some reason so I'm just rating it here ;) And yes, I know you can do "Forget my password" but I never get the retrieval email!

8. Younger two are doing fine with Covid. They don't mind wearing their mask and don't notice too many differences. We have gone to a different kind of church (six families, all at their own tables, we wear masks) and the pumpkin patch and they just roll with it. Koen is the only one of us who does not wear his mask consistently. Koen is sad that there are no competitive sports for him (he did play soccer once a week at the school) as they normally start in grade 6. Kai is sad about sports too.

(church above)

9. Our new air fryer! I bought it for Christmas for Gary but it did not come in an Amazon box so he saw it. We've opened it and used it. I love it for making wedge fries. Easy to use and way less oil. Delicious tasting. I bought it on the Amazon Prime Day for $48 off.

10. Our "new" TV stand. I wanted to replace our open shelved rolling one and found an IKEA one on marketplace. Gary painted it white, removed the glass doors and made solid doors. Love it! Next up is white stack stone around the fireplace and a dark stained wooden mantel. If I get the ideas and the supplies, then Gary can carry it out. #teamwork

Phew. This whole blogging thing takes so much time! I think this will probably be my last post until Christmas time! Hope you are doing well, friends. Thanks for checking in.


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