Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

First and foremost I am thankful that my brother-in-law had a successful surgery for his stage 3 thyroid cancer. The C-word is obviously a bit of a trigger for me but I am thankful that they found it (quite mirarculously as he went to the doctor for something else) and that he had it removed quite quickly. Praying for great news going forward on that. All the rest here is silly and miniscule in comparison but here are some tiny things that I am thankful for this week. 

1. A great deal on shoes for Kai! His feet are growing fast and he is so active. I found these brand new shoes (regular $120+) brand new, secondhand but never worn, for $20!

2. The Strassburg Sock. Great for plantar faciitis. I wear it for about 10 hours a night and I'm hopeful that I will be running again by February.

3. Having "just" three kids. It is a big difference from the 4 or 5 that we've had over the years. I am much calmer which allows everyone else to be a lot calmer too. I have so many emotions/feelings about not fostering right now (it's this weird guilt/relief/sad/happy combo) but I know it's best for our family. Kai has been begging for us to say "yes" again but we have changed our contract to just relief until March at least.

4. Hot tub time with Gary. It's phone/tech-free time and we use it several times a week once the kids are in bed. It's pretty relaxing and we can see all the stars while we talk about our day. Very few couples are teachers in the same school to the same kids (we both teach grade 8's different subjects).

5. Free family fun. We stopped by Rogers Hometown Hockey after church and our boys LOVE hockey so it was perfect. Nya got a chocolate so she was happy too.

6. Moments when these three get along. Exhale. Heart happy. Rare.

Today is my last day teaching almost full time. We have exam week and then I'll just be at school for about four hours a day! I'm curious how different it will be but I'm looking forward to having some time alone. I don't want that alone time to be cleaning the house or laundry, I hope to have some solid reading and exercising time. We'll see how it goes!

What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Congratulations on getting through your first semester back at teaching! Enjoy a lighter schedule in the second semester.