Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse

I've lived in B.C. my whole life yet had not visited the 100-year-old Stave Falls Powerhouse Facility in Mission, B.C. We were camping at Rolley Lake which is five minutes away and decided to check it out. I can see why various movies and TV series have been filmed there as it is quite a unique and historical site! The powerhouse was once B.C.'s largest hydroelectric source and was completed in 1912.

Stave Falls Visitor Centre

The costs of admission is $15/family (that is for two adults and two children) and I feel that the cost was fair. There are many hands-on activities for the kids as well as a Tesla coil demonstration and scavenger hunt. 

Stave Falls Visitor Centre tesla coil demo

Stave Falls Powerhouse scavenger hunt.
Perfect scavenger hunt for kids; when you hand it in at the end you get a prize!

Stave Falls Powerhouse hands on activities
The kids learning how to shuffle their feet near downed power lines. If you don't shuffle properly, it lights up.

Stave Falls Powerhouse static electricity

Stave Falls Powerhouse
Visiting the old part of the dam

Stave Falls Powerhouse

Stave Falls Powerhouse

Stave Falls Powerhouse
This section had old appliances which were very cool to check out.

Stave Falls Powerhouse
Trying to use manual power to light up the bulbs
Stave Falls Powerhouse

The kids enjoyed it more than I anticipated and although I don't need to go back for a second visit I am glad we went and could take in some history. It is open from March until October from 10 AM to 4 PM but the days of the week do vary so be sure to check out their schedule.

If you are looking to explore the area a little more, Hayward Lake is just a five minute walk from the Powerhouse and Rolley Lake is a five minute drive.

Rolley Lake in Mission, B.C.


Are you looking for a new place to explore in the Lower Mainland, B.C.? How about taking in some history and science at the Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse?

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